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Week 6 Puppy Update.

Snoozing on the sofa with Mum.
Belatarr Kodiak (Mr Red)
Belatarr Kodiak (Mr Red)

Miss Lime

Miss Lime
Miss Pink

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Miss Yellow

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Week 5 Puppy Update

Another highly eventful week for the youngsters, with several important milestones reached. The erratic weather has meant that the pups have only this last week been able to get outside for the first time, but some warm sunny days have now given them lots of opportunities to explore their outdoor run and gain valuable exposure to outdoor sites and sounds at the same time.

Lots of visitors have come to see them too, with many toes chewed and many laps fallen asleep on.

At the same time, they transitioned seamlessly from hand-feeding of solid foods to using their big-boys-and-girls weaner feeder, something that every generation of Belatarr puppies before them have used and benefitted from.

Also, just like every previous generation of Belatarr puppies, these 5 love snuggling into their mini-den, whether they are indoors or out:

One inside…
Three inside…
All Five inside!

And finally, this week’s portrait shots:

Belatarr Kodiak (MR RED)

Belatarr Kodiak (Mr Red) 1
Belatarr Kodiak (Mr Red) 2
Miss Lime 1
Miss Lime 2
Miss Pink 1
Miss Pink 2
Miss Pink (bonus)
Miss Purple 1
Miss Purple 2
Miss Yellow
Miss Yellow 2

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Week 3 Puppy Update

Big changes this week as the pups’ eyesight and hearing come fully online, their walking grows stronger and more stable and they start to explore their new world. We can now finally see their rapidly developing heads properly too, so without further ado, these are their 3-week-old headshots:

Miss Lime.

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Mr Red – Belatarr Kodiak

And not forgetting, some action shots as the pups romp (and chew) together.

Ready to break out.

Then back for a snooze.

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Week 2 Puppy Update.

A big week for the youngsters, with their first attempts to walk (the wobbly spider phase) starting on day 11 and Miss Purple taking the lead by opening one eye on the evening of day 12. Everyone’s eyes are just about semi-open now, (day 14) but it will be a blurry further week or so before things come into proper focus and they can finally see where they are. The past few days have also seen (or heard, at least) a variety of mini barks and sleep baby-growls and squeaks as their ears have opened and they start to practise their vocal skills.

A whorl of puppies.

In the holding bay whilst their bedding is changed.

Miss Purple sleep-suckling, Miss Pink snoozes on.

It’s exhausting work, being 14 days old.

Using a sister as a pillow.

Miss Lime

Miss Pink

Miss Purple

Miss Yellow

Mr Red (Belatarr Kodiak)

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Puppies Arrive!

We are thrilled to be able to announce the safe arrival of our new generation of Belatarr puppies. 4 girls and 1 boy, all wriggling, chirruping and feeding vigorously! Proud mum Aja is wonderfully attentive and maternal but also very happy to resume her pre-pregnancy athletic lifestyle, now that she’s no longer carrying all that extra weight with her.


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Announcing Our New Litter

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we can announce our next generation of Belatarr puppies.

Our beloved girl Belatarr Asia (Aja) has been confirmed in whelp to Show Champion Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nador at Enryb JW Sh CM (IMP HUN) (Peter)

This is a long-awaited and carefully planned union that we hope will build upon the strengths that we have established with our very successful previous litters. Aja, sired by Champion Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW, is a very feminine girl who combines an exceptionally pretty head with a superb, deep-russet wire coat and has the most wonderfully affectionate temperament – a constant joy to live with!

Belatarr Asia.

Show Champion Peter, from the well-known Enryb Kennel, is one of the country’s top show HWV’s. He is the sire of the Crufts 2022 Best of Breed winner and is also a sound working dog which he combines with a very gentle, playful and affectionate nature.

Show Champion Aldozovolgyi-Drotos Nador at Enryb JW Sh CM (IMP HUN) (Peter)

This mating is the first to bring together two of the UK’s top Show Champions and, in combination with our own champion show-line, we have high hopes that some very promising puppies may result.

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