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Cuba takes to the water.

What better way to keep cool on the hottest day of the year than to explore our river:

Cuba is approaching 13 weeks old and has excitedly splashed and paddled in the river before, but today she first retrieved a stick and then went for a series of full-on deep water swims, demonstrating an amazing technique right from the very first attempt!

Heading out….
…and heading back.
Wet, but keeping cool in the heat of the day.
Now to investigate some more of the garden.
Drying off.

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Introducing Cuba!

We are delighted to announce that the newest addition to our Belatarr clan, and the puppy staying with us from Aja’s recent litter, is Belatarr Cuba, formerly known as Miss Purple. We will look forward to documenting her ongoing adventures!

Stacked at 7 weeks.
Wrestling with mum, Aja – a favourite pastime for both of them!

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