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Darlington Championship & the HWVA Open Show.

Breed specialist Rachel Newman presided over a large and high-quality entry at the Darlington Championship, awarding Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules with 1st in Open Dog:

Strong, fit dog but not coarse in any way. Masculine head with plenty of furnishings and with a kind eye. Good shoulder placement, upper arm a little steep. Deep body reaching below brisket, strong loin, tight feet. Harsh coat. Balanced, expertly handled. Moved positively from well-angulated hindquarters. Considered for the RCC.

Rachel Newman


Whilst, two weeks later, Breed specialist Ed Casey was the judge at this year’s Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Open Show and he selected Billie, Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson as his Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show:

Upstanding Bitch of excellent type, like her head, pleasing eye colour and shape, good furnishings, strong neck, excellent front, straight forelegs, bone and feet.  Strong firm topline, well-developed ribs, good depth of chest.  A little long in loin perhaps, tail well set and carried.  Strong and well muscled quarters, well-angulated rear.  Excellent coat of pleasing texture.  Moved out freely in all directions.  BB & RBIS

Ed Casey


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Belatarr at the Annual Awards round-up.

A belated, post-puppy post to celebrate what were, once again, some great Belatarr achievements at the two breed club annual awards.

The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association awards tabulate Championship Show results, whereas the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club of Great Britain include both Championship and Open show results in their calculations.

This year’s HWVA Top Dog was Sh CH Belatarr Hercules who overtook the breed CC record holder to score this fantastic win and who receives the Arany Bowl as a result, whilst his brother, Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM, was ranked the third placed dog of the year – a super double for the boys – and his older sister, Sh CH Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM (Billie), was awarded second placed Bitch of the year for the second year running, having won it outright the previous year.

Meanwhile, over at the HWVCGB awards, the Belatarr boys occupied all of the top three spots for the year with THE HAUNSPERG TROPHY, awarded to the show male of the year, won by Belatarr North by Northwest, who very narrowly beat Hercules into second place with Charlie placed third – a fabulous clean sweep for the boys! Billie was named second-placed show female of the year for the second year running (having, once again, won this accolade outright the year before) and young North was also named second top show dog of the year overall.

Many congratulations to Jenny, David & Irene on their great and very well deserved wins for the 2016 season.

Young North with his HWVCGB Haunsperg Trophy.



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Charlie’s Triple Triumphs

A fabulous end to 2015 and an equally great start to 2016 for Belatarr Charlie Parker, with 3 big achievements in the space of less than 10 days.

Starting at the Luton Canine Association show, on 30th Dec, Charlie won 1st Open and Best Of Breed (with his younger brother Hercules Reserve BOB) under judge Martin Stone – a nice win in it’s own right, and Charlie’s 49th 1st place too, but crucially the point gained from this particular win meant that Charlie also qualified for his Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit, an award than only a small handful of HWV’s have ever managed to achieve.

This also means that ALL FOUR of the show dogs from our first litter have now qualified for their ShCM. Belatarr already held the record for the most HWV’s (i.e. 3) from one litter to have been awarded the ShCM, but with Charlie joining his brothers Belatarr Django Reinhardt ShCM, Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie ShCM and sister Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM, this is a new record for the breed which is unlikely to be beaten anytime in the near future.

Then, just 4 days later at the Dukeries Gundog Show, judge Irene Glen awarded Charlie his 50th 1st place and Best of Breed (with Herc once again taking Reserve BOB), but this proved to be only the start for him as Jenny, David & Charlie together braved the cold and wet conditions to take on the 27 other Gundog Best of Breeds presided over by judge Isobel Key…and were awarded a fabulous BEST IN SHOW!

Charlie & Jenny with their BIS winnings.

Charlie & Jenny with their Dukeries BIS winnings.

The boys super critiques were:

“Belatarr Hercules, nicely put together dog with a lovely head & expression with correct height to length ratio. Lovely substance & depth with a good lay of shoulder. Well boned, correct coat, level topline with good width of thigh. Moved well. RBOB.”

“Belatarr Charlie Parker, a quality dog from any angle with excellent conformation throughout. Correct height to length ratio with a balanced masculine head. Best of neck & shoulders. Lovely depth & substance with plenty of heartroom & a good spring of rib. Firm topline which he keeps on the move, strong well developed quarters. Moved with lovely reach & drive. Such a sound positive mover. BOB & delighted to see him go BIS.”

Irene Glen

Not ones to rest on their laurels, Charlie & brother Herc were out in action again on 8th Jan at the first Championship show of the year, under judge Shaun Layton at Boston, where Hercules was awarded 1st Post Graduate Dog and Reserve Best Dog with big brother Charlie taking 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Reserve Best of Breed.

All in all a magnificent set of results and testament, once again, to all of Jenny & David’s work and dedication to their lovely boys.



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Great wins for the Boys.

Jenny & David had another very busy but very rewarding day with their boys, brothers Belatarr Charlie Parker & Belatarr Hercules at the Mid Herts Gundog Club Open Show. Judge Lynda Adams awarded Herc 1st Post Graduate and Charlie 1st Open but this time Herc beat his brother (for the first time!) to take Best of Breed with Charlie awarded Reserve Best of Breed.

Belatarr Hercules.

Belatarr Hercules with his awards from the day.


and brother Belatarr Charlie Parker.

…and his big brother Belatarr Charlie Parker.

That proved to be just the beginning, though, as Charlie was then eligible to enter the Reserve Best of Breed Stakes class where judge David Hutchison awarded him a fabulous 1st place, ahead of all of the other Gundog RBOB’s from the day.

Later still both boys entered the Brace Class where they were once again placed 1st, this time under judge Maureen Justice – meaning that the boys have still NEVER been beaten in any Brace class at Championship or Open level – an incredible achievement!

The boys show their perfectly sync'd brace style!

The boys show their perfectly sync’d brace style!


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National Gundog Roundup.

Having not been able to get out to the Champ show circuit since Crufts, way back in Spring, it was great to catch up with everybody and to see the Belatarr babies in action again today at National Gundog. So needless to say I was thrilled to see Jenny’s lovely boys, Charlie Parker & Hercules, win the Brace Class from an entry of 20 pairs of Gundogs – this was only their second ever brace class and their second win out of two!

Belatarr Hercules and his brother Belatarr Charlie Parker with their 1st place Brace win.

Belatarr Hercules and his brother Belatarr Charlie Parker with their 1st place Brace win.

Their brother and sister, Billie & Gryphon, won the same brace class at the same show exactly 12 months ago too, making this win even more special. Meanwhile, over in the main breed judging, Herc also picked up 1st in Post Graduate Dog:

Belatarr Hercules standing for his critique.

Belatarr Hercules standing for his critique.

Most improved today, though, was most definitely Vivien’s handsome Kofi (Belatarr Sculptor), now maturing into such a classy boy with a super, harsh coat and hugely improved movement.

Belatarr Sculptor.

Belatarr Sculptor.

In between judging I also got to get a look at the progress made by young Belatarr North by Northwest (AKA North) just a few days short of him reaching 6 months and less than a week before his show debut – I’m so very pleased with how he is developing and it was wonderful to such positive, free-flowing movement and superb carriage in a 5-month old puppy:

North shows off his smart movement.

Belatarr North By Northwest shows off his smart movement.

North gets ready for his close-up.

North gets ready for his close-up.

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Champ Show roundup!

As the newest Belatarr puppies settle into their new homes the older generations continue to win at this Spring’s Championships with lovely results from The National Dog Show, Bath and Southern Counties.

At the National Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM (Billie) was placed 1st from an entry of 9 in Open Bitch and then went on to take her 3rd RCC ticket under judge David Alcorn. His critique for her was:

Shapely bitch & well angled at both ends. Liked very much her head proportions & balance. Great front assembly & strong bone. Excellent depth to brisket & well sprung ribs. Well angled hindquarter with good muscletone. Stands on very good feet & moves soundly, covers plenty of ground. Her many attributes & overall soundness earned her the RCC today.”

Meanwhile at Bath, under judge Fran Harper, Billie was again awarded Reserve Best Bitch, whilst it was the boys turn to shine at Southern Counties where Belatarr Hercules took 1st in Post Graduate Dog with his brother Belatarr Sculptor 2nd in the same class, whilst their older brother Belatarr Charlie Parker went one better and won Reserve Best Dog under judge Christine Ryan.

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Belatarr annual awards wins.

The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association and the HWV Club of Great Britain both distributed their Annual Awards this month, with points awarded for show wins gained throughout the course of 2014.

The HWVA awards, given specifically for Championship Show successes, saw Belatarr Hercules as runner up Top Show Puppy Dog of 2014 whilst his older sister, Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM won the Arany Bowl for Top Bitch of 2014 and was also named the overall 2nd highest scoring show dog of the year.

The HWVCGB awards include points gained from at shows and here Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM took the The Wearvale Trophy, for Top Adult Show Bitch, along with The Lanspar Trophy for overall Top Show Adult of the year, whilst her beautiful brother Gryphon, Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie posthumously retained the very fine Haunsberg Bronze that he was also awarded last year and was, once again, named Top Adult Show Dog.

The HWVCGB Arany Bowl & Haunsberg Bronze.

The Arany Bowl & Haunsberg Bronze.

Needless to say we are, as ever, immensely proud of the Belatarr babies and all that they have achieved in the showring thanks to the hard work and dedication of their adoring owners. 🙂

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Belatarr Boys win at HWVA Championship!

A fabulous sunny day brought some equally fabulous and memorable results for Jenny & David’s Belatarr boys today at the world’s biggest gathering of HWV’s at the HWVA Championship, presided over by gundog and breed specialist Sharon Pinkerton.

First up was Belatarr Hercules who was placed 1st in Yearling Dog, followed, a few classes later, by his big brother Belatarr Chalies Parker who was also placed 1st (from an entry of 7) in Limit Dog.

Charlie at the HWVA Championship.

Charlie at the HWVA Championship.

Herc in the HWVA Dog Challenge.

Herc in the HWVA Dog Challenge.

The two boys then went head to head in the Dog Challenge line-up and Jenny (and we!) were absolutely thrilled when Herc was awarded the Reserve Dog CC, gaining him his Stud Book number and qualifying him for Crufts for life, all at the tender age of  just 20 months!

The critiques for the tow boys were:

“Masculine dog with a lovely typical quality head, super expression, strong muzzle, strong neck of good length, lovely bones legs and good feet, super well sprung ribs, strong loins, correct topline, very good hindquarters including width of second thigh, excellent coat, moved really well covering the ground – delighted to,award him the RCC”


“Lovely headed dog with a kind expression from dark eyes, strong neck, clean shoulders but a little forward placed, lovely boned legs, very good ribs, strong topline, very good angulation behind, moved well.”

Sharon Pinkerton

Many congratulations to Jenny and David for such a great achievement with their super boys.

Post win Happiness.

Post win Happiness.

Herc's Reserve CC

Herc’s Reserve CC

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Belatarr Boys at Midland Counties Championship

A great day for the boys at the Midland Counties Championship show today, presided over by judge and long-time breed expert, Lindsey Townsend. There was an excellent entry and a lovely, happy atmosphere both in and out of the ring and Belatarr Hercules continued his unbroken run of Championship class wins, taking 1st in Junior Dog. His big brother Belatarr Charlie Parker then went one better, taking 1st in Post Graduate Dog and then, against extremely tough competition, was also awarded Reserve Best Dog.

Charlie's Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Charlie’s Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Hercules, awaiting his designated driver.

Hercules, awaiting his designated driver.

Charlie, awaiting his ride too.

Charlie, awaiting his driver too.

The boys together.

The boys together.

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Belatarr Boys at Birmingham.

Today was the double show at the Kennel Club HQ in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association holds it’s second show of the year in the morning, whilst the Birmingham Championship Show classes are held in the afternoon, giving a long, but potentially productive day of showing.

The morning show was  presided over by judge Marion Wadell and, now 13 months of age, Belatarr Hercules started the day by taking 1st in his first ever Junior Dog class. Shortly thereafter his big brother Belatarr Charlie Parker also took an excellent 1st in a highly competitive Limit Dog Class, also Charlie’s first step up into Limit.

Charlie in the ring.

Charlie in the ring.

Lovely trophies accompanied both wins – a memorable double for the boys and for Jenny & David.

Charlie, Hercules and proud mum Jenny amidst the days winnings.

Charlie, Hercules and proud mum Jenny amidst the days winnings.

Traditionally a completely different set of dogs win at the afternoon Birmingham Champ Show, and most followed this pattern today too, but young Hercules bucked that trend and took 1st once again in his debut Championship Junior Dog Class under judge Aideen Howes who’s super critique for Herc was:

So pleasing in head with good furnishing on muzzle, clean fit neck to shoulder, has good bone, slope to pastern & oval feet, depth through body & ribbed well back, powerful quarters, good tailset, let down in hock, moving well” Aideen Howes

That wasn’t quite the end of proceedings, though, and, having also won the Breeders Competition for HWV’s, team Belatarr then headed off to the Gundog Breeders Group where the two boys, now joined by sister Belatarr Mahalia Jackson, took another 1st place under judge Tom Mather.

Team Belatarr win the Breeders Group.

Team Belatarr win the Breeders Group.


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