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The incredible ending to the 2018 show year secured us sufficient points to be awarded the OurDogs UK’s Top Breeder/Kennel for 2018.

This is the THIRD time that we have been privileged to win this incredibly prestigious award, having also achieved the win for 2014 and 2016. In so doing Belatarr becomes the first HWV kennel ever to be named Top UK Breeder for a third time.

At the same time our boy, Mingus, (Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM) was awarded Top HWV Stud Dog (OurDogs), this being the third time that Mingus has achieved this award, following similar wins in 2014 and 2016. Given that he has only ever sired two litters, this is a truly astonishing achievement and one unmatched by any other HWV dog.

Last, but most definitely not least, our Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr was awarded Top HWV Brood Bitch, also for the third time, and again, this is a record unmatched by another HWV.

Having tragically lost Phoenix earlier in 2018 this last award was particularly poignant and emotional and serves as an incredible tribute to our beautiful girl and the legacy that she left us all.

None of these wins would have been even remotely possible without the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of Irene and Jenny whose combined total of 8 Challenge Certificates for 2018 secured Belatarr the necessary points for all of the awards. A heartfelt thank you to you both ūüôā

Phoenix, in her watery element.


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Show Results Roundup.

A quick fire round of Autumn Championship shows has brought some more super results for us, more of which anon, because these were preceded by this years HWVA Open show, which attracted a lovely entry of 55 HWV’s for judge and breed specialist Rachel Newman (Morganna).

From a class of 7 dogs Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM won 1st in Limit dog (for the third year in a row at this show!). His litter sister Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM was placed 1st in Open Bitch and their younger brother Belatarr Hercules, was placed 1st from 6 entries in Open Dog and went on to win Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

Herc & Jenny with judge Rachel Newman

Herc & Jenny with judge Rachel Newman

A few days later came the South Wales Kennel Association Championship Show, presided over by judge and breed specialist Karen Richardson. Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson Sh CM was our sole Belatarr representative at the show, but she and Irene did us proud once again by placing 1st in Open Bitch and then taking Best Bitch and Best of Breed (no pics, sadly).

…and a few more days on from there came the¬†Gundog Society of Wales Championship Show, judged by Colin Woodward, where Hercules scored another great result placing 1st in Open Dog before taking Best Dog and Reserve Best of Breed:

Hercules and Jenny at Gundog Society of Wales Championship.

Hercules and Jenny at Gundog Society of Wales Championship.

Never one to rest on their respective show-laurels David & Jenny also took their boys to the Windsor Gundog Open show where Ed Casey awarded Hercules 1st in Open & Best of Breed whilst Irene & Billie took 1st in AV Special Champion class, at the same show, this time judged by Pat Butler-Holley.

Finally, and completing a memorable 2 weeks of showing, Sat 15th October brought Open show wins for Hercules, who went Best of Breed at the Hitchin & District Canine Society, and young Belatarr North by Northwest, who collected his 13th Open Show Best of Breed with a win at the South Western Gundog Club.


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Belatarr do “The Double” at the Richmond Championship.

An absolutely incredible day today for us at the Richmond Championship Show РBelatarr Hercules wins Best Dog + his second CC whilst his big sister ShCH Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM wins Best Bitch + her 4th CC (her third of the year) + her 7th Championship Best of Breed.


It was a nail-biting start….following a total closure of the M1, and massive subsequent delays, David & Jenny arrived at the show literally the very last minute, with Jenny & Herc running into the showground just seconds before Herc’s class was called….5 mins later and they would have missed the class, but Hercules was his usual steady, flashy and happy self and showed his socks off to win 1st Limit Dog and then Best Dog to take his second CC of the year – not a win that any of us are ever likely to forget!

Huge congratulations to Jenny, David¬†& Irene¬†and many, many thanks to judge Sandra Marshall for thinking so highly of our dogs and for giving Belatarr our best ever Championship results day, becoming only the second HWV kennel to win both CC’s at the same show.

Belatarr Hercules

Belatarr Hercules


ShCH Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM

ShCH Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM

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Django’s Big Win!

A wonderful day today for Django at the National Championship Show…this was only his second Champ show appearance of the year and his first ever time in Open Dog. He won 1st Open Dog and, as with his previous Champ Show outing at Boston, he went on to win Best Dog, this time collecting his first CC in the process!

Django's first Challenge Certificate AKA the big win!

Django’s first Challenge Certificate AKA the big win!

Django's Challenge Certificate.

Django’s KC CC.

Django's Kennel Club CC and Stud Book number.

And his Stud Book number.

Following in his sister, Billie, and father Mingus’ paw-steps, this means that Django has also now earned his stud book number and, at the age of two years, ¬†is Crufts qualified for life. Time to celebrate! Also, between them, the first litter of ¬†Belatarr brothers and sisters have now won Best Dog or Bitch at 5 out of the last 7 Championship shows….definitely time to celebrate!

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Django’s weekend.

A top weekend for young Django!

Django 18 months 1 reduced

Saturday saw him bag his 5th Best of Breed in a row, this time at the Exonian Open in Exeter, where he was also shortlisted for Best Gundog in the 17-strong Group under German Wirehaired Pointer specialist judge Jenny Fairhall.

Django 18 months 4

Then the next day a 4AM start (which proved to be about 90 mins too early, given the total absence of any traffic!) saw us zip up/across to Newark for the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club AGM. A rather lovely early morning walk along the misty river Trent (whilst waiting for everyone else to arrive, since we’d rolled up so very early…) was followed by the meeting and Annual Awards, and we were delighted when Django was announced as the top scoring HWV Show Puppy of 2012, which also won him the very splendid Krugerand Trophy, now soon to be¬†emblazoned with his Belatarr name.

The Krugerand Trophy

The Krugerand Trophy

Top HWV Puppy 2012.

Top HWV Puppy Show Points for 2012.

Django stacked at 18 months

Django at 18 months 2

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Puppy Updates.

It seems hard to¬†believe¬†that the Belatarr dozen are approaching 12 months old, but next month will see them celebrate their 1st birthday. Meantime it’s been as busy as ever in the lives of the pups:

Django, with his ever more luxuriant facial furnishings.

After a slightly delayed start in the ring our own Django is finally now becoming quite the showman and has racked up a series of Champ Show 1st places from his handful of appearances so far. His (usually!) superb carriage even won him a Best Puppy and then Best in Show award and the local DHK Pedigree Charity Dog Show where he beat approx 60 other (mostly adult) show dogs to collect his first ever trophy.

Like Phoenix & Mingus before them Django & his brother Finley also successfully completed their Puppy Gurus Advanced training this month, during which time Finley developed an evident love for agility – a whole new string to the Belatarr bow!

Their brother Otis lives with his Hungarian pack over at Nansavallan Vizsla in Cornwall.  Much like his father before him he has rapidly developed a superb deep red harsh wire coat and is proving to be a complete natural at gun dog training:

Otis demonstrates his new skills.

Otis at 11 months.

Meanwhile, in a well-earned break from the show-ring, brother Charlie Parker has been enjoying the sights and sounds of rural France along with his big brother Oz the Chocolate Lab:

Charlie learns a new skill.

…and another.

A happy boy.

and a well-earned snooze.

Back on this side of the channel, and following their successes in the show-ring, brother and sister act Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) and Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) have also been learning new skills as they try out for both working and obedience tests:

Gryphon, who has clearly learned to read.

Gorgeous head-shot of Gryphon (courtesy of Sharon Newman)

Billie, demonstrating her retrieve from water whilst showing off her perfect top-line. (courtesy of Sharon Newman)

….and the dried-off version.

Gryphon & Billie awaiting their next adventure. (courtesy of Sharon Newman)

Bristol resident Milo (Belatarr Thelonius Monk) has also been over to France this summer, and looks to have picked up a new interest of his own:

Milo waiting to be served at the pub.

Starting with his muzzle Milo now has a super, tight wire coat developing over his whole frame.

Milo on top of the world (well, the cliff, at any rate).

Across town is Digby (Belatarr Oscar Peterson), another Bristolian Belatarr with a super red wire coat:

Digby at the beach, back in summer.

Whilst down near the south coast are two of the Belatarr girls, Ruby (Belatarr Nina Simone):

Ruby says hello.

Ruby, keeping up the family tradition.

and last, but most definitely not least, is our very special little girl Ella (Belatarr Ella Fitzgerald):

Ella, in full bloom amongst the heather.

Ella with hew new big sister Ilka.

Ilka showing Ella the ropes….or is it the other way around?

Much more Puppy action coming to the blog very soon with a report/ photo-montage from the Belatarr litter reunion day…

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Planned Litter.

Phoenix glowing in the sun.

So, the exciting news can now be shared – as some of our readers will already know, we have long been planning to have a litter with Phoenix at her third season, which was due this October/November.

This week, though, our plans were accelerated quite a bit when Phoenix came into season on Monday night – a good two-and-a-half months earlier than expected.

Ever since Phoenix first came to live with us we’ve been looking carefully, and at length, at potential stud dogs for her and have given serious consideration to several very fine males. After pondering all of the¬†available¬†options we’ve decided that the sire of Phoenix’ first litter will be….our very own multi-award winning, ¬†breed-record-breaking Mingus.

Mingus hears the news.

Although we certainly didn’t acquire Mingus in order to use him with Phoenix, as time has gone on, and his very considerable strengths and attributes have become more and more apparent, we’ve concluded that no other available dog better combines the coat/head/temperament qualities that we so love in this breed. We’ve also been fortunate enough to meet and/or assess almost all of both Phoenix and Mingus’ siblings to get a clearer idea of how their genes & pedigree lines might express themselves in a litter.

As if to confirm our decision, we had Mingus eye-tested on Monday afternoon (which he passed with flying colours) and within hours of Mingus’ all-clear results Phoenix had come into season!

The prospect of bringing together our two successful show dogs and the possibilities of combining their strengths is extremely exciting and we are now able to take enquiries from show, pet and working homes, about this planned litter. ¬†All puppy homes will be carefully selected to provide the best possible start in life for this new generation of Belatarr HWV’s.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on our puppy list or would like to discuss life with this wonderful breed in more detail then please do contact Tim at:

Phoenix in the long meadow grass.

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Meadow Mingus.

Last year we were able to document Phoenix’ every show appearance, but the logistics of wrangling two dogs at a show mean that we’re rarely able to take pics of the dogs in the ring this year.

So to make up for the rather visually spartan Richmond write-up, here are some shots of Mingus enjoying himself in the meadow this morning. Since our boy will be 10 months old in 4 days it also seemed like the prefect time to document the evolution of his deep red wire coat, handsome head and ever-developing physique.

Stick-y business.

Heron watching - a serious business.

Ever attentive.

Wet whiskers.

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The Graduate, redux.

A big week for little Mingus as he graduated from his Puppy Gurus course with flying colours and managed to complete all of his obedience and command tasks to complete perfection, receiving his first rosette to mark the occasion.

Steely focus.

He had (rather unkindly!) earned the nickname of “class swat”, with all the envious/seething/delighted (delete as¬†appropriate) puppy owners willing him to mess up and miss a command, to make their own dogs look better…but they went home disappointed (all saying that they “wanted a Mingus” too!) and our lad was, as ever, a complete joy, ending the session with a not-half-bad show stack – his optional extra exercise.

Mingus having a paddle at the rivers edge.

The assumption was that we’d been training 24/7 with him, but actually 5 mins a day was all it took, so keen is he to be trained (well, to be trained and to earn chicken chunks.)

One of the great things about positive training is how much the dogs absolutely love and look forward to be asked to do something (anything!) – they’re always completely eager and totally up-for-it.

Rhododendron barbatum - all a-glow.

In¬†completely¬†unrelated news…the utter¬†devastation¬†to many of the evergreen trees and shrubs in our ¬†garden, (wrought by the official coldest-Devon-day-ever-recorded) has been tempered by the re-appearance of the earliest species Rhododendrons, which are now merrily flowering along with the primroses, hellebores, daffodils etc.

And another gratuitous Rhododendron-in-the-rain shot.

Meanwhile, Phoenix has her own projects to be getting on with.

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Last night, or so we’re reliably informed, was the equal coldest night ever recorded in the UK, with temps dipping to minus 22C or thereabouts, the same as at the South Pole. ¬†Here in “balmy” Devon we dropped to minus 14C, easily cold enough to have¬†potentially¬†devastating¬†consequences¬†for some of the rare trees, shrubs and bamboos that inhabit our garden….we won’t know what damage has occurred until Spring, but in the meantime our bore-hole fed water supply has frozen and pipes burst, flooding the kitchen. The river has also frozen over (for only the third time in the last 25 years), we’ve had no post delivery for days and none of our cars can make it out of our entrance drive….so clearly the only thing left to do right now is go and play in the snow:

Our Valley.

Gotta Have A Stick.

Then Have a Stick Wrestle.

At the bottom of the garden.

Snow hoover.

Helping Adam to make a Snow bunny.


1 flattened Giant Bamboo (foreground) & 12 snowy Redwoods (background)

Hock-deep in the snow.

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