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The (Half) Sisters.


Phoenix met up with her half-sister Henna (Ebeegeebees Razzie) together with her breeder and human companion Catherine today. Henna is almost a month to the day older than Phoenix but the two pups are more or less the same size and look incredibly similar to one another. After much bouncing  ‘n’ boinging at one another on-lead – and much to their delight – we let them both off their leads where they proceeded to have a good old tear-around.  One of the things that was really interesting to see is how the two “girls” completely tuned into one another and reacted to everything as one pup-unit,  something that we’ve not observed Phoenix do with any other puppy. Somehow both pups knew that they were with another of their own kind….but can you spot which is which in the above pictures????

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The Business of Show.

We’re now in full preparation for Phoenix’s official first show – she’s in a graduate class at the 3 day long Taunton and District Canine Association Open Show in a couple of weeks where she’ll be showing amongst much older and considerably more experienced handlers and dogs. It could go either way: she’ll either show like a dream, or wreak havoc and chaos around her like an anarchist mob in a grump. It’s the not knowing that lends an edge to the whole thing….

Meanwhile Phoenix continues to grow apace and we’re hoping that she eventually slows down before morphing into a new breed: the GHWV (Giant Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla). This impression wasn’t helped any when we were approached by an admiring family when out walking recently. They said in an emphatic rather than questioning way: “She’s a Great Dane, isn’t she?”

Memorable recent canine HPR interactions for Phoenix have included numerous Weimaraners in a variety of shapes, ages and sizes, and a gorgeous pair of GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) boys with whom she had a great romp whilst we owners all held a mutual appreciation meeting.  She also took a particular shine to Merlin, the spectacular Irish Wolfhound whom we met at ringcraft. Merlin was rescued from a pub in Liverpool where he was being “kept” by a couple of teenage boys who mistakenly thought that because Wolfhounds were very big, they’d make good fighting dogs.  Wolfhounds are *very* gentle and who knows what horrors would have befallen Merlin if he hadn’t been scooped up and delivered to his new and very loving home.  It’s nice to hear of a happy ending for a change…

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Phoenix was very briefly attacked by a collie-cross while we were out walking recently. She approached her potential new pal, wagging and jolly to say hello who then promptly, and without warning bit her on the face.  She now has an inch-long and currently rather conspicuous cut on her cheek. We’re desperately hoping that this won’t leave a long term scar, but it will probably be some weeks before we’ll know. Thankfully it hasn’t in any way put her off saying hello to other dogs though, which is good.

Her recall and general ability to sit, stand etc. has improved enormously and she regularly manages to impress other people when we call her away from them. That click and treat thing has worked wonders.

On our walk today Phoenix was cooed over by a family with two Border Terriers who referred to them as their “border terrorists”, which made us giggle.

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The Language of Pooch.

Today, Phoenix met Indi again. Phoenix is under socialised with other dogs and hasn’t learnt canine body language/etiquette yet. She has the rather unfortunate habit of staring dogs directly in the eye, which is a bit of a no-no. So, spending six hours with Indi was useful because she was taught a few things about hanging out with her compadres.

Some canine dos and don’ts. (OK, mainly don’ts)

DON’T climb on top of a larger, slightly grumpy dog who happens to be lying down at the time.

DON’T bite the tail of a larger, slightly grumpy dog who happens to be lying down at the time.

DON’T stare at a larger, slightly grumpy dog who happens to be lying down at the time, she will just ignore you, or get up and walk away, then ignore you leaving you slightly bewildered.

DO take notice when another dog growls at you, it probably means trouble.

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