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Weight Watchers and Knobbly Knees.

Looking at the River for the First Time.

Looking at the River for the First Time.

Between the 6th and 13th Phoenix went from six kilos to eight: a 25% increase in body weight in a week! We suddenly thought she was looking skinny – she had the same body on very long and enormously thick legs. Her rear legs looked slightly awkward and we went into a panic spiral thinking she was becoming cow-hocked. Cue much worrying and wailing about what we’d done wrong, what terrible parents we were and how the doggy social workers were gonna come and take her into care.

Luckily, a reassuring email from Diane Parry (Mallard’s human companion and font of all knowledge HWV related) told us to pull ourselves together; she’s just growing and going through a gangly phase!

We now know that Phoenix is going to be a big lady as her legs and paws are huge and we have to wait for the rest of her body to catch up.

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