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Crufts + Puppy Progress.

Time for another long overdue update…

First up, last weekend saw our very first trip to Crufts! We’ve never previously attended as spectators, let alone exhibitors, so it was with much excitement and some trepidation that we ventured with Phoenix to the show-of-shows to take our place in the big ring alongside 74 other HWV’s.

Phoenix stacked for judging at Crufts.

In the end Crufts proved to be pretty much like any other Champ Show (albeit with adjoining vast arenas stuffed full of every conceivable canine related product and thronging with punters.) The actual dog show element of Crufts seemed to pass by most of the general public, which resulted in lots of space and a remarkably relaxed atmosphere.

Phoenix was in Special Junior Bitch class and despite our concerns about her slightly jumpy, hormonal, post-season demeanour (which has seen her pull away from the last few judges who examined her rear end) she stood beautifully. Sadly her movement was not so hot (blame operator error…) and we were awarded 2nd Place, which does mean, though, that she’s automatically qualified for Crufts 2011.

Unfortunately our in-house photographer failed to produce much that was usable to document the day.

Mingus - 16 weeks Head Shot.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, young Mingus has come on in leaps and bounds – often quite literally so. Advice from Tracey at Puppy Gurus saw us relocating his cage to be right beside Phoenix overnight and an immediate good-nights-sleep for all was the result. In fact he’s never failed to sleep right through the night ever since – yippee!

At the grand-old-age of 16 weeks Mingus has now perfected all his Puppy Gurus obedience training moves and will be tested this coming week. He’s also picked up all the basics of ringcraft incredibly well and just loves being taken along for training where he struts his stuff with the big dogs – leading one very experienced Champ show judge to comment this week that Mingus was: “Just amazingly good!” He has proven to be vastly easier and quicker to train than Phoenix, although a large part of that must surely be down to us knowing roughly what we’re doing this time around!

Mingus - Called to attention on the common.

Mingus’ utterly delightful, affectionate, calm and polite nature never fails to charm everyone who he meets. Today on a socialisation trip around Torrington Common he hooked up with a wide assortment of walkers and their dogs, from Labs to Cockapoos to Spaniels to Scotties, all with great waggy success.

As was the case with Phoenix’ puppyhood we’re also now back in the land of “he’s got big paws – he’s going to be a big dog,” together with the usual (sometimes rather surreal) attempts at playing Guess The Breed – today’s examples being:
1) Labrador

2) That Dog With The Ridgeback (that would a Ridgeback Madam)

3) Newfoundland (see below)??!!

err....Mingus? (apparently!)

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Crufts Qualified!!

A big, big day today… it was Phoenix’ first Championship show, the Three Counties, and we were really expecting it to be no more than a practise/dress rehearsal for the forthcoming Champ shows in Aug, Sept & Oct. We also knew that we were up against some older, more mature and much more experienced dogs and handlers in our class but, despite this, we managed to be placed third by senior judge Zena Thorn-Andrews, which in turn means that Phoenix has Qualified for entry to Crufts 2010 at her and our very first attempt!! (Also, one of the dogs that we beat then went on to take Best Junior Bitch, which we would have won had we entered that class…doh!)

Phoenix stood beautifully for the judge, and in the line-up, but when it came to gaiting she was like a coiled spring and was literally bouncing around the ring, so we really thought we’d have no chance of success, making the result both exciting and altogether unexpected.

We’re showing at another 6 or 7 Champ shows and about a dozen Open Shows this year, whilst Phoenix is still classified as a puppy (under 12 months old) so hopefully we can build on that success as she matures…. and also figure out how best to get her “sparkly” but not “manic” in the showring.

Sadly once again no photographs were taken of this momentous occasion due to ….erm….operator malfunction…next time though!

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Phoenix Flickrstream.

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