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It’s OK the Washing Machine’s Safe.

Puppy Gurus Logo.

Puppy Gurus Logo.

The first Puppy Gurus training session. This was for human companions only. We left Phoenix on her own for two hours which is the longest she’s ever been left so far. We’d been building up periods of isolation from a couple of minutes up to about half an hour. We’d heard tales of dogs left alone destroying sofas and gnawing washing machines in half so were unsure what to expect.

In the event, she slept through the whole period and was just waking up when we got back and starting to tuck into a chicken wing.

Tracey gave out a lot of info, which has to be read and will be tested next week.  Nobody mentioned homework…

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Should we have called her Chewie?

Puppy Sarcasm?

Puppy Sarcasm?

Let’s talk power chewing – God the power chewing. If it moves, chew it, if it doesn’t move, chew it, if it neither moves nor doesn’t move, chew it anyway, just to be safe.

When we first met Phoenix at three weeks old, the first thing she did when Tim sat in the welping box was to come over and chew his foot and it hasn’t stopped since.

Our favourite chewing episode was discovering the shredded front cover of  “The Power of Positive Training” in pieces, which must have been skilfully selected and then stolen while our backs were turned, in order to wreak a terrible hypodermic-tooth filled justice on it. Perhaps this is Phoenix’s first attempt at irony?

On the plus side, the plastic milk bottles come along brand new everyday, so it’s like an ongoing Christmas for Phoenix. Second to bottles are carrots; – busting with vitamin C and oh so crunchy.

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