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The Life Aquatic.



Phoenix’s fascination with all things watery continues apace… Tim has recently been doing some work  at the river in the garden and this has afforded Phoenix an unparalleled opportunity to indulge and expand her favourite aquatic pastimes. A recent development is shoving her entire face underwater and blowing bubbles through her nose, with satisfying gurgley results. She has also taken to “harvesting” flowers of Water Hawthorn. To reach these Phoenix often dives headlong into the pond (which is a good six feet deep and 150 feet long) grabs a stem with flower attached and swims back to shore where she can eat her prize with a satisfying crunch.

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In a Hole.

Digging is very big with Phoenix right now. She has a number of “ongoing projects” around the garden and approaches them with a certain amount of seriousness. This hobby is considerable enhanced by the presence of approx 500,000 field voles that randomly pop out of the grass before uttering a high pitch shriek and diving for the nearest burrow. Phoenix has yet to even come close to catching one of these squeaky rodents, but she’s nothing if not determined.

Barking vocabulary has extended to now include a kind of strangulated howling, deep contened moans and an ear piercing sound that is used when over-excited.

We’ve decided that “rufty-tufty” is the best description for her personality, as opposed to “hoity-toity” for the cats. “Boinging” has also become shorthand for that intense burst of bouncing that accompanies any kind of event involving gardening and/or other dogs. She’s also expert at jumping on plants, chasing spades, chewing wheelbarrow tyres and barking….often all at the same time. A rare gift.

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Trip to the Sea.

Digging at the Beach.

Digging at the Beach.

Collecting Shells.

Collecting Shells.

We are blessed here in North Devon to be located very near to several of the countries best beaches, and we figured that at 14 weeks old, it was about time that Phoenix was introduced to the joys of the sea and sand. With this in mind we headed to Saunton Sands on an unseasonably warm and sunny Winter’s afternoon (alongside half the working population of North Devon who had also bunked off work at the first hint of sunshine).

Striding on with Fred and Ad on an "overcrowded" beach.

Striding on with Fred and Ad on an "overcrowded" beach.

Phoenix met lots of dogs (including a 12 week old Weimaraner boy, the world’s largest Labradoodle and an even  larger and exceedingly bouncy, playful Bernese Mountain Dog) alongside many human admirers.

Into the Sea.

Into the Sea.

She enjoyed digging in the sand and hunting for shells, although she was a little more dubious about the icy cold Atlantic Ocean. Tim, Freddie and Phoenix all suffered chilly toe syndrome which took some time to recover from.  Chips helped to chivvy along the cure…

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