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Introducing Django.

An extremely exciting new chapter opens for Belatarr as young Django joins the pack on a permanent basis!

Django at 10 weeks old.

Following in his father’s paw-steps Django becomes our second Jazz dog, named, as he is, after the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt – although we understand that Tarantino is soon to release his own Django project too.

Belatarr Django Reinhardt - at 7 weeks.

Django also shares his father’s wonderful coat – deep red & harsh – and has a head so similar to Mingus’ that we can’t tell them apart in their 6, 7 and 8 week pics – see below. He’s also very confident, extremely laid back and easy-going, and is already proving to be very keen to learn and eager to train.

Django immediately gravitates to the prime spot on the dog sofa.

Centre stage, flanked by his brothers Gryphon & Charlie Parker.

Spot the difference - Mingus as he was at 8 weeks.

Django shares a snuggle with Fred.

Django with his brother Charlie Parker.

Asleep with his dad on Christmas day.

Until he’s has his second vaccination Django can’t go on the ground in public areas, so, just like his parents before him, he’s been riding around in the baby sling in order that we can introduce him to the wider world. Needless to say, much attention and many oooh’s and aaaah’s follow from onlookers wherever and whenever he appears in public in this way!

Django out-and-about on the Tarka Trail on New Years Day.

It's very frustrating when you can watch your parents running around but can't join in the fun!

Getting to be quite a handful...

Riding in (or more often attempting to wriggle out of) the baby sling.

...he would really rather be hurtling around with all those other exciting looking dogs down there.

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