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Django: Best Dog at WELKS.

Belatarr Django Reinhardt ShCM hasn’t been out to a Championship show for 23 months – his last was when he won the Dog CC at the National Championship in 2014 – but he returned to the ring in style yesterday, and also thoroughly enjoyed himself, picking up 1st Open Dog and then Best Dog under breed specialist Ilex Whiting at the West of England Ladies Kennel Society Championship.

Django awards WELKS 2016

Technically this was also Django’s third Championship ‘Best Dog’ award in a row, from his only three entries in Open Dog, as he also picked up the same award at his first ever Open Dog class back at the Boston Championship, prior to the National…just a rather long gap in between his second and third outings!

Needless to say we are as proud of ever of our lovely boy’s achievements and are delighted to have him back out in the ring this year alongside his multi-award winning litter brother and sister, Charlie Parker & Billie.

Django stacked for his critique at WELKS.

Django stacked for his critique at WELKS.


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Lyra steps out + Django scores historic win!

A really fantastic weekend of shows for us – on Saturday 6 month old Belatarr Lyra got her show career off to a super start at the Plymouth Premier Show where she was placed 2nd in HWV Open, and picked up Best Puppy in Breed & Reserve Best of Breed, beaten only by her big sister Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) who was BOB.

The following day Lyra scored another Best Puppy in Breed at Central Cornwall, but the big news was made by her big brother, Django, who took Best of Breed and then went on to beat the other 16 Gundog Best of Breed’s to score another superb Gundog Group 1 win, picking up a silver goblet for Best Gundog in Show. The biggest prize of all, though, is that Django has now qualified for his Show Certificate of Merit just like his father, Mingus, and brother, Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) before him. Django is only the 6th male HWV to win the ShCM and the 2 year old Gryphon & Django become only the second pair of siblings, and the first ever pair of brothers in the breed to have achieved the award!

The weekend wins.

The weekend wins.

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Django Best Dog at Boston Championship.

Had a Great day yesterday – at 3:45AM Django and Tim headed off to the Boston Champonship Show (the first Champ Show that we’ve managed to get to since last summer) where Django won 1st Post Graduate Dog and then went Best Dog under breed specialist Keeley Newman-Jones – a great start to 2014!

Her critique for him was:

25 months, one I liked as a youngster & he his maturing well. An upstanding dog who has a lovely eyecatching presence, lovely coat & colour, liked his head, all the correct proportions. Balanced all over especially on the move. Good depth of chest, correct front & rear angulation. Lovely temperament, he still has some maturing to do & I am sure will improve still. BD & very close to BOB

Django's Boston win s.

Django’s Boston win s.

At the show we also met up with young Belatarr Hercules, 5 month old litter brother to Lyra and full brother to Django, Gryphon, Billie & Charlie.

Belatarr Hercules at 5 months.

Belatarr Hercules at 5 months.

…and then headed across country to Telford to visit two more baby sisters, Belatarr Andromeda & Belatarr Cassiopeia . 17hrs and 600 miles miles later we arrived back home – exhausted but with heads full of our lovely new generation of Belatarr babies!

Belatarr Cassopeia at 5 months.

Belatarr Cassopeia at 5 months.

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Django’s big win.

Following on from his brother Gryphon’s big result last weekend Django stepped up a gear today at the Plymouth & District Kennel Association Show  where he won a large class in HWV Open and topped an all-Belatarr top 3 – with Brother Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) 2nd and sister Belatarr Mahalia Jackson 3rd – before taking Best of Breed.  This was Django’s 13th Best of Breed out of his last 15 shows, which is a pretty good score rate by any reckoning!

In a tough 17 strong line-up featuring many top dogs he then he went on to beat them all and be awarded a wonderful Gundog Group 1 (Best Gundog in Show) under judge Jane Lilley, prompting her to remark that “he does something to my heart” which was a lovely comment to hear.  Her equally super critique was:

Such a very high quality entry which, I was delighted to see, resulted in three siblings taking the first three spots. 1st Belatarr Django Reinhardt well balanced handsome and masculine, so good for make, shape, size and type. Here was quality combined with the best of construction and movement with excellent topline and tailset. A happy showman beautifully presented in hard condition and well textured coat. So very sound and effortless on the move, he looked as if he could go on all day with no trouble at all. Most impressive & should be even more so when fully mature. BOB G1

Django's Plymouth awards.

Django’s Plymouth awards.

We took the gang out to the beach for a celebratory romp this morning and took the opportunity to capture a few new  Django head-shots at the same time – very wet & very sandy – just the way he likes it!.

Django at 2 years old 1

Django at 2 years old 2

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Belatarr Babies in the ring.

The Belatarr babies had another excellent show weekend, and all in blazing sunshine too…

First up on Saturday was Django who was awarded Best of Breed at the 3-day benched Royal Cornwall Show – another award previously bagged by his father 3 years earlier, and Django’s 6th consecutive Open Show BOB.

Following his win, and whilst seated on his bench, Django played host to a pretty much non-stop array of well-wishers (including brother Otis – Belatarr John Coltrane!) and fans, old and new, all of whom he was very happy to have provide their stroking/tickling and patting services…. although the continual attention, stifling heat and 4-hour wait combined to ensure that he was utterly exhausted by the time the Gundog group finally rolled around and he spent much of the time lying flat out on the grass in the Group ring whilst other Gundog BOB’s gamely trotted up and down.

One lovely show day was followed immediately by another and whilst Django snoozed his Sunday afternoon away siblings Billie, Gryphon & Charlie went into action at the Three Counties Championship.

Now 19 months of age the Belatarr youngsters are firmly up amongst the big boys and girls in Post Graduate. Charlie Parker & Gryphon went head to head, as usual, in a competitive Post Grad dog class and Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) bagged 2nd place, with brother Charlie a solid 3rd. The judge was very keen to see Gryphon again to consider him for Reserve Best Dog, and waited for as long as she could, but to due *logistical complications* he was, unfortunately 5 mins away in the car park at by that time, and so sadly it was not to be…

The judges critique read:

“A soundly moving dog with many attractive attributes, excellent harsh coat, balanced front and rear angulations, deep and long ribs giving the correct body length, topline firm and held on the move.”  Eileen Hughes

Sister Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) proved to be our biggest star of the day, though, and took an excellent 1st in a tough and large Post Graduate Bitch class.

Her critique read:

“It was difficult to separate the first two quality bitches. I preferred the firsts length of body and her coat; correct head and body proportions, good tight feet, very good topline and tail-set, she moved well.” Eileen Hughes

In the bitch line-up Billie then went  head-to head with a previous Crufts Best of Breed winner (who had been called back after being placed 2nd in Open Bitch) and Billie emerged victorious to be awarded  a terrific Reserve Best Bitch. An excellent day’s work, team!

Billies Three Counties wins.

Billies Three Counties wins.

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Django’s weekend.

A top weekend for young Django!

Django 18 months 1 reduced

Saturday saw him bag his 5th Best of Breed in a row, this time at the Exonian Open in Exeter, where he was also shortlisted for Best Gundog in the 17-strong Group under German Wirehaired Pointer specialist judge Jenny Fairhall.

Django 18 months 4

Then the next day a 4AM start (which proved to be about 90 mins too early, given the total absence of any traffic!) saw us zip up/across to Newark for the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club AGM. A rather lovely early morning walk along the misty river Trent (whilst waiting for everyone else to arrive, since we’d rolled up so very early…) was followed by the meeting and Annual Awards, and we were delighted when Django was announced as the top scoring HWV Show Puppy of 2012, which also won him the very splendid Krugerand Trophy, now soon to be emblazoned with his Belatarr name.

The Krugerand Trophy

The Krugerand Trophy

Top HWV Puppy 2012.

Top HWV Puppy Show Points for 2012.

Django stacked at 18 months

Django at 18 months 2

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Belatarr Boys at Crufts.

Crufts 2013 turned out to be a highly enjoyable and very memorable time for the Belatarr boys.

After shuffling and nudging through the sometimes impenetrable crowds around the TV-friendly flyball rings Django & Charlie Parker made it over to the HWV ring in good time.

Both were in a highly competitive Special Junior Dog class, amongst a quality entry of youngsters, and we were utterly delighted when judge Penny Williams placed Charlie 1st and then Django 3rd,  immediately qualifying both boys for Crufts 2014. A great result, and very exciting for Jenny & David who, once again, did such a great job with Charlie, and at their very first visit to Crufts too!

Charlies Crufts wins.

Belatarr Charlie Parker’s Crufts wins.

The regular no-exit-before-4PM policy at Crufts ensured plenty of time for catch-ups, chinwags and some new meetings too,  and the Wires attracted considerably more visitor attention than in previous years, with Adam manfully handling a nearly constant stream of enquiries and queries at the benches.  After a 3:30AM start we finally made it home at 20:30 – so a very long day, but not one we’re likely to forget anytime soon!

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Django’s First Birthday.

Time has certainly flown since Phoenix brought her 12 babies into the world, but Django is now, officially, no longer a puppy as today our lovely boy celebrates his first birthday!

Django back at 6 weeks old.

Happy Birthday Django!

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Stellar show weekend.

Django’s Saturday rosettes.

Evidently saving their best for last, this very memorable weekend saw three of the Belatarr Puppies excel in the showring:

Django moving for the judge in the Gundog Group.

On Saturday our own Django headed off to the Okehampton & District Open, where he dodged the intermittent heavy rain showers to take Best of Breed & Pest Puppy in Breed under Ms N. Walker, before heading indoors where he scored an amazing Gundog Group 2 & Gundog Puppy Group 1 under judge Simon Luxmoore.  Remarkably this is the exact same result that his father, Mingus, achieved at the same show 2 years earlier, and the third year out of the last 4 that Belatarr HWV’s have been awarded Best Gundog Puppy in Show at Okehampton, following Phoenix’ win here in 2009.  Many thanks to Nige Small for taking these great shots of Django in action!

Django stacked for Best Puppy in Show.

Not to be outdone, the next day saw Django’s siblings Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzie Gillespie) and Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) head off to the South Wales Kennel Association Championship show.  There judge Mick Howes awarded 1st Junior Dog, Best Puppy Dog and a terrific Reserve Best Dog to Gryphon, and then 1st Junior Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch to Billie, leaving brother and sister to compete against one another for Best Puppy, eventually taken by Billie:

Billie & Gryphon’s SWKA awards.

Many congratulations to both, as well as to handler Irene for a job very well done!

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Django at 5 Months.

Hard to believe that our little bundle of fluff is now this mature, but Django is now 5 months old and suddenly looking very grown-up. We took the pack to the beach for only the second time since Django’s arrival and a high time was had by all:

A very wet Django concentrating (watching geese, in fact) at the beach....

Completely fearless in water, Django looking slightly bonkers but enjoying a good splash.

Django offers a play-bow to Mingus, who's generally more interested in chasing after gulls in the sea.

...and another...Obviously a new strategy.

Back on dry land and Ears-a-flying in the breeze.

Heading for home.

Stacked on the Tarka Trail, 4 days short of 5 months old.

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