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The Belatarr reunion 2014.

An overcast but just-about-dry day greeted us all in the garden here at Belatarr HQ for our second Belatarr reunion. The wonderful turn-out included sixteen  Belatarr babies along with their mum, Phoenix and Dad, Mingus, together with Copper the HWV and Oz the Lab.

Much splashy/hurtling/chasing mayhem ensued and all the dogs seemed to have a thoroughly good time exploring the river and the garden with one another. It was a wonderful day and we were, as ever, immensely proud of what beautiful and happy young dogs they have all grown into.

Many thanks to all who attended, and particularly to Sarah, Kathy & Vivien for sharing some of your photos of the day…mind you, getting all of the dogs (or even a large proportion of them!) together for a photograph or two proved a trickier prospect!

Sarah 8


Sarah new

Sarah 5

Sarah 6

Sarah 10

Sarah 3

Sarah 4

Sarah 7



Sarah 9


Sarah 12

Sarah 13

Sarah 14

Sarah 15

Sarah 16



Belatarr Noctua (Kaia)

Belatarr Noctua (Kaia)

Her older sister, Belatarr Nina Simone (Ruby)

Her older sister, Belatarr Nina Simone (Ruby)

and Dad, Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM (Mingus)

and Dad, Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM (Mingus)

Some of those who attended...take 1

Some of those who attended…take 1

...and a slightly more organised, take 2.

…and a slightly more organised, take 2.


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Belatarr Litter Reunion Mega-Post!

A few weekends ago we had a very exciting not-quite-Birthday-Party day for the Belatarr babies, and 9 of the 12 pups (all minus Charlie, who was on hols in France, Ella, who was in season & Otis, who was working) returned back here to their birthplace for a wonderful reunion afternoon.

The Wire Gods were definitely smiling on us all that day since we somehow managed to stage it on what was the only sunny & dry day that we’d had for weeks, and, indeed it feels like it’s been raining non-stop ever since then too…

Cakes & snacks were eaten (by humans… and very probably by puppies too), everybody had a good chance to compare puppy notes and catch up on wire-chat, and, most importantly,  much highly excited puppy play was undertaken (on land and in water) as a whirlwind of bouncing, swimming, chewing and hurtling was unleashed!

For us it was also quite wonderful and a source a great pride to see the boys & girls back together and all now grown-up into such beautiful, confident and happy young dogs. We were struck by how lucky we were to have found such lovely and loving homes for this first Belatarr generation – and huge thanks, once again, to everyone for bringing their pups to the reunion.

Tim’s camera unfortunately managed to conk out early on in the proceedings, so we are extremely grateful to Marcus & to Emma (thanks guys!) for kindly both sending on their many pics of the day, some of which are included here.

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Big Beach day out.

After seemingly endless rain the sun has finally made a return, so what better time to take everyone to the beach for a sandy romp! Little Django is now 9 months old (time certainly flies…) and is looking not so little and all-grown-up all of a sudden….looks can be deceptive, however!

Django in a rare moment of stillness.

This is a more usual pose.

Racing with dad.

…and with mum too.

The family emerges from the surf.

Django leads the charge.

A brief pause to pose with a stick.

…and swiftly back to bounce mode.

Strutting his stuff, showing off that awesome stick, whilst Phoenix looks on and hatches a plot.

In tandem with Mum…who, having hatched her plot, now has ownership of the stick.

So much sand, so little time.

And relax.

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Finley – Belatarr Art Tatum

We’re extremely lucky to have the very handsome Finley living approx. 2 miles from us here at Belatarr HQ.  This means that, right from the get-go, we’ve been able to see lots of him. He and his brother Django (along with their parents) have enjoyed many romps together as well as both having been obedience trained by Tracey and her team over at Puppy Gurus, just like their parents before them:

Finley arrives home.

...and re-arranges his furniture.

Settled into his new bed.


It's a tiring life...Finley takes to the new sofa - the one that he wasn't going to be allowed onto 🙂

Another favourite snoozing spot.

Growing up.

Finley, now 5 months old, takes a seat at the kitchen table.

Who can resist!

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Puppy Portraits: Week 5


Mr. Grey.

Mr. Indigo.

Mr. Green.

Mr. Red & White.

Mr. Red & Blue.

Mr. Blue.

Mr. Brown.

Mr. Red.

Mr. Black.


Miss Orange.

Miss White.

Miss Yellow.


Miss Yellow at large.

Mr. Black snoozing.

Mr Grey, with his voluminous ears.

First taste of chicken wings.

The ever-popular hide-away den.


Father & Son.

The aftermath.

Mr Grey snoozing (again) this time upside-down.

Puppy cuddling.


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Week 1 Puppy Portraits.


Mr. Grey

Mr. Indigo

Mr. Green (formerly Magenta)

Mr. Red & White (formerly Mr. Purple)

Mr. Red + Blue

Mr. Blue

Mr. Brown

Mr. Red

Mr. Black


Miss Orange

Miss White

Miss Yellow (formerly Miss Pink)


Mr Red & White fits in the palm of the hand.

Miss Yellow nestled amongst her brothers.

Mr. Blue curls up with Mum.

Unusual sleeping positions.

Flying ears.

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Mingus at the river.

Phoenix contemplates the new snowiverse.

Yes, like the whole of the rest of the UK, the snow has finally arrived here in Wolfvalley. Approx 6 inches fell overnight with mild drifting creating around a foot of depth in places, rendering the road/lane impassable (no change there then…)  and once again transforming our valley garden into a “Winter Wonderland”;  to whit:

Early morning sun across the garden valley.

The bottom of the garden.

The lane - a dog-only zone for today.

Arctic romp.

At the garden gate heading into the woodland.

Phoenix waiting at the gate...

Phoenix in a snowy point.

Phoenix catching snowballs.

Mingus makes snowy progress.

Mingus the Snowbeard.

My, what snowy eyebrows you have.

It's never too snowy to dig for voles.

But this is the result - A Yeti? or a small breed of Highland Cattle perhaps?

Phoenix in the Redwood Grove.

Our river - almost monochromatic today.

The weir & water glinting blue in the sunlight, as viewed through the trees from the bridge at the bottom of the garden.

Birch trunk in the snow.

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Birthday Bash.

Hard to believe it, but our “little” girl is well and truly grown up now…To celebrate her 2nd Birthday we took advantage of some unseasonally warm and sunny weather to hit the beach where much canine/human romping was done:

A rare pensive moment.

Phoenix at full charge.

Calm and reserved, as always.

Surf hi-jinx.

Chase: Part 1.

Chase: Part 2.

Nearly airborne.

Of course there's always time to dig.


Deep concentration.

Heavy wagg-age.

Happy Birthday Phoenix!

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Further Weekend Antics…

After spending all of Saturday at a hot, crowded urban dog show, we thought it only fitting to head out to the beach – in this case Crow Point at Braunton Burrows – for some doggy (and human) down-time…

Mingus tries for lift-off using his newly retro-fitted "Helicopter Ears."

After combining forces to dig a huge sand-pit comes a rare moment of stillness.

Phoenix: sandy + wet = happy!

Mirror Phoenix.

Adam commands Phoenix with the power of his Blackberry...

Mingus shows that he can do sandy & wet just as well as Phoenix.

Adam teaches the dogs a new trick...

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Once More Unto the Beach…

“Experts” tell us that today may be the last scorching hot day for the foreseeable, so the only possibly course of action was clear: head to the beach!

The scene of today's adventures - at Northam with the golden sand of Braunton Beach in the distance.

Mingus head shot.

Mingus sneaks up on some fast-moving seaweed.

Mingus self-stacking (sort of).

and Phoenix nearly manages the same trick.

Follow the leader.

The big boing!

Hungarian Wirehaired Sea Otter?

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