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The Life Aquatic.



Phoenix’s fascination with all things watery continues apace… Tim has recently been doing some work  at the river in the garden and this has afforded Phoenix an unparalleled opportunity to indulge and expand her favourite aquatic pastimes. A recent development is shoving her entire face underwater and blowing bubbles through her nose, with satisfying gurgley results. She has also taken to “harvesting” flowers of Water Hawthorn. To reach these Phoenix often dives headlong into the pond (which is a good six feet deep and 150 feet long) grabs a stem with flower attached and swims back to shore where she can eat her prize with a satisfying crunch.

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How to get Your Dog to Do Whatever You Want.

All of these except the chive flavoured one.

All of these except the chive flavoured one.

Who knew that Primula Cheese contained a secret ingredient that initially captures your dog’s attention and then cunningly hypnotises it into doing whatever you want. One squeeze of the tube and your animal companion is your cheesy chopped love slave forever more… Hurrah!

Mmmm! Cheesy Goodness.

Mmmm! Cheesy Goodness.

In perhaps not an unrelated link, we weighed Phoenix today and she comes in at 14.1 kilos which is quite a lot for her breed and her age. She’s gonna be a big gal (as nearly everyone who meets her says after glimpsing the size of her paws.)

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Diet and Recipe Tips.

Head Shot.

Head Shot.

As we previously mentioned, Phoenix is going to be kept on a raw food diet. We decided this following lots of reading and research about the dubious animal and vegetable by-products that make up even the highest quality commercial feed, and all the glowing testimonials from owners of German Wirehaired Pointers, many of whom raw feed their dogs. We have a chest freezer full of “goodies” some of which are too big for her to eat at the moment but she’ll graduate onto shortly. For now, she’s having 75% meat and 25% veg for most meals and the meat alternates between puppy tripe (mmm tripey kisses!), beef and kidney and minced whole turkey.

Every four days or so we make up a pulped vegetable mix, portions of which are mixed in with the meat for each meal. The recipe for this is broccoli stems, cauliflower leaves, greens, sorrel, cucumber, red peppers, whole apple, a couple of carrots, all of which are rich in Vit C. We then add two Vit C tablets, a tablespoonful of organic peanut butter, two caps of cider vinegar and dessertspoon of olive oil together with a little water to turn it into a paste. The whole mixture is then pulped because dogs can’t digest cellulose, and the pulping action breaks down the cell walls releasing the nutrient within. This provides a multitude of minerals and vitamins and, happily, Phoenix loves it. It also smells good enought to have on toast.

Oh, and a daily teaspoon of Green Ark’s Natural Green Food Supplement which comprises powdered kelp, alfalfa, nettle and parsley. Bursting with essential minerals.

In addition to all of that she has two chicken wings every other night. A couple of whole eggs (shell included but broken up) and a banana a week. All of which she absolutley loves. Many more meaty bones will no doubt follow as her jaws get even bigger…

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The Phoenix Has Landed!

Favourite New Toy.

Favourite New Toy.

Bleary Eyed.

Day 1: Bleary Eyed.

Day 1:  Seven and a half hour journey from North Norfolk to North Devon. It went howl,  snooze, pee, play, eat, poop, sleep, pee, play, fidget, squirm, howl, arrive! Most importantly,  nobody was sick. On touchdown in the kitchen, she arrived like it was her long lost home. She immediately dived into her crate (the one we had been worrying about for weeks about how we were going to entice her into it – involving complex uses of peanut butter, biscuits and stuffed kongs).

Somebody was very excited with her box of new toys and managed to eat a meal before pegging out for the night….

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