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Twist in the Tale.

If only I'd had one of these...

If only I'd had one of these...

Well, that’s a turn up for the books. We got to the vets today, all grim faced and worry-lined, expecting to see Phoenix swallowed up into the Hospital complex like something from a James Bond film or Man from U.N.C.L.E. (except this would be dog from Beaford, but you get the general idea), while we wailed and gnashed, EXCEPT that the vet opened Phoenix’s mouth had a look in and one of the problem teeth was gone, it must’ve fallen out yesterday. So, she had a look at the other one, put her finger on it and it WOBBLED! “It’ll fall out later today or tomorrow” she said, handing Phoenix back to us after a bit of dog-vet cuddling had been completed.

So we we went over to the Common instead for a 2 hour walk all over the place, then home for extra crunchy chicken wings, well for Phoenix anyway. In between we had a strange encounter with an “eccentric” character in the high street who kept insisting that Phoenix was a Rhodesian Ridgeback , and would therefore need to be trained to kill lions. Later, he then got stroppy and spittle-flecked, when we told him that animals had been used and killed by the armed forces in war. Not even mentioning The Animals in War Memorial in London could shift his position. He ended the conversation by suddenly saying “There’s no point in talking to you”, which in truth he hadn’t been: he’d actually been incoherently monologuing at us while Phoenix tried to steal boxes of fudge from him that he had in a bag, used for swinging around him as some kind of conversation punctuation device. We cheerily waved him goodbye as he stomped off into the distance… Gotta love ’em.

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A Tooth for a Tooth.

The Fateful Dental Exam....

The Fateful Dental Exam....

At this weeks ringcraft class, one of the judges took a look at Phoenix’s teeth and informed us that she has two infant teeth growing alongside her adult ones. If they aren’t removed they could alter the shape of her mouth, cause all sorts of dental problems and most importantly, a lot of pain. There’s no way around it, Ms Phoenix is gonna have to go see the dentist…

…She’s going in to the vets for her operation on Tuesday.  She should only be in for a few hours though, not overnight…      😦

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Diet and Recipe Tips.

Head Shot.

Head Shot.

As we previously mentioned, Phoenix is going to be kept on a raw food diet. We decided this following lots of reading and research about the dubious animal and vegetable by-products that make up even the highest quality commercial feed, and all the glowing testimonials from owners of German Wirehaired Pointers, many of whom raw feed their dogs. We have a chest freezer full of “goodies” some of which are too big for her to eat at the moment but she’ll graduate onto shortly. For now, she’s having 75% meat and 25% veg for most meals and the meat alternates between puppy tripe (mmm tripey kisses!), beef and kidney and minced whole turkey.

Every four days or so we make up a pulped vegetable mix, portions of which are mixed in with the meat for each meal. The recipe for this is broccoli stems, cauliflower leaves, greens, sorrel, cucumber, red peppers, whole apple, a couple of carrots, all of which are rich in Vit C. We then add two Vit C tablets, a tablespoonful of organic peanut butter, two caps of cider vinegar and dessertspoon of olive oil together with a little water to turn it into a paste. The whole mixture is then pulped because dogs can’t digest cellulose, and the pulping action breaks down the cell walls releasing the nutrient within. This provides a multitude of minerals and vitamins and, happily, Phoenix loves it. It also smells good enought to have on toast.

Oh, and a daily teaspoon of Green Ark’s Natural Green Food Supplement which comprises powdered kelp, alfalfa, nettle and parsley. Bursting with essential minerals.

In addition to all of that she has two chicken wings every other night. A couple of whole eggs (shell included but broken up) and a banana a week. All of which she absolutley loves. Many more meaty bones will no doubt follow as her jaws get even bigger…

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Weight Watchers and Knobbly Knees.

Looking at the River for the First Time.

Looking at the River for the First Time.

Between the 6th and 13th Phoenix went from six kilos to eight: a 25% increase in body weight in a week! We suddenly thought she was looking skinny – she had the same body on very long and enormously thick legs. Her rear legs looked slightly awkward and we went into a panic spiral thinking she was becoming cow-hocked. Cue much worrying and wailing about what we’d done wrong, what terrible parents we were and how the doggy social workers were gonna come and take her into care.

Luckily, a reassuring email from Diane Parry (Mallard’s human companion and font of all knowledge HWV related) told us to pull ourselves together; she’s just growing and going through a gangly phase!

We now know that Phoenix is going to be a big lady as her legs and paws are huge and we have to wait for the rest of her body to catch up.

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