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Boh Selecta!

Yubaba kicks off.

Yubaba kicks off.

We were all watching the Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away (Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi) last night, which is a rather psychedelic Japanese animation epic much loved in the house. The main villain in the story is called Yubaba and she is a cross between the Wicked Witch of the North and a giant raven. Yubaba has a son, Boh who is a giant baby and when Boh made his appearance, Phoenix went barking bonkers. She had been paying close attention to the film anyway, and we assumed it was all the bright colours and possibly the Japanese language which (to her floppy ears at least) might sound a bit like barking.

This baby upsets hounds.

This baby causes canine chaos.

Whatever it was about this giant baby, it did something to Phoenix which took a while to get over. We’re going to try her on some Kurosawa next, to see if it’s Japanese epics in particular that set her off, before moving on to Italian neo-realism and perhaps German expressionism…

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Howl, Howl and Howl Again.

Sling Shot.

Sling Shot.

Bit of a nightmare night last night – we have got into the habit of letting Phoenix sleep on the sofa with us, and then when she’s put to  bed, she’s too rested to sleep and starts howling. Which she did for quite some time.  Our books all say different things about what to do. Some say to ignore it, some say to comfort her. We tried ignoring and that didn’t go down too well. Tim got up and comforted her which settled her, but poor old Phoenix had a bad night overall.

The overall problem is Phoneix’s waking/sleeping schedule is out of sync with ours. Whatever we try to do to keep her awake later in the evening, she still crashes out at 8.00pm and then wakes up at 5.00am (with a toilet break in between).

This week the ringcraft and training courses start so hopefully that will allow us to alter her routine and get everyone synchronised…

Phoenix also has an itchy paw, we had a look and couldn’t find anything but it’s annoying her.

Good training session in the kitchen today: we’ve found that limiting the space helps to focus her more and stops her wandering off to chew random objects.  Like us.

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