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Week 2: Pup-update.

An eventful week for the Belatarr Babies:

Day 10: They doubled their birth weight.

Day 12: They started to walk, like wobbly spiders.

Day 13:  Mr. Blue & Mr. Red were the first  to open their eyes, everyone else more-or-less followed over the next 24 hrs, although they certainly can’t yet see and so tend to keep their eyes closed almost all the time.

Day 13: They hit 1KG each with only 50/60 grams difference between the heaviest and the lightest – so, all 12 are now pretty much identical in weight for all practical purposes.

Day 14: They all had their claws cut for the first time (that’s a total 216 claws!)

Day 14: Ears opened.

Also, due to some difficulties with instantly recognising which colour was which, (something that became increasingly important as the pups started trotting around much more speedily!) three puppies have been re-branded, so Miss Pink will, from now on, be know as Miss Yellow; Mr. Magenta becomes Mr. Green; Mr Purple morphs into Mr. Red & White (or candy-stripe, if you prefer) – we promise we won’t have to do that again! so without further ado….


Mr. Grey.

Mr. Indigo.

Mr. Green.

Mr. Red & White.

Mr. Red & Blue.

Mr. Blue (with tongue just peeking out).

Mr. Brown.

Mr. Red.

Mr. Black.


Miss Orange.

Miss White.

Miss Yellow - waving.


Pile o' Pups.

Peaceful Mr. Green.

Mr. Blue shows off his handsome ears.


Brother & Sister.

Miss Orange flumps out.

Team A hard at work.

Everyone with Mum.

All very organised.

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Puppies on the way!

Phoenix - 5 weeks down, 4 still to go.

Phoenix has gained LOTS of weight over the last week and looks very obviously pregnant. She’s also pretty-much ceased running, preferring a genteel trot instead, although her love of all things watery certainly hasn’t abated any. When not sloshing and trotting she’s now spending most of her day snoozing on the dog sofa, as shown above.

After quite a bit of searching for a specialist ultrasound scanner we got a hot tip from Sam of Farlap (thanks Sam!) about a mobile Sheep/Pig/Cow/Alpaca and Dog scanner operating in north Devon, and duly booked him to come and scan Phoenix at 5 weeks into her gestation. The equipment these mobile scanners use is more sensitive than the equivalent machines found in most vets, and (as we discovered) almost no vet will make an estimate as to the size of litter. So that scan is now done, and, much to our extreme delight, 8 puppies were seen, very clearly, on the ultrasound, each with a healthy heartbeat.

So with a month or so to go, it’s official – Phoenix & Mingus’ puppies are on the way!

Not much for moving these days.

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Phoenix Flickrstream.

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