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Mingus’ gains a title.

Amongst all the excitement and anticipation of the puppies-to-be Mingus headed off for what will be his last show of the year – the Okehampton & District Open. He picked up another Best of Breed, but this one was particularly special since it gave him the final score that he needed to be awarded the Kennel Club Show Certificate of Merit.

Mingus is only the 7th HWV to qualify for the Certificate, and, at 22 months old, he’s also the youngest ever male, and the second youngest HWV overall to achieve the award.

From now on Mingus full name becomes: Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM

He celebrated, in usual style, by chasing lots of young pheasants that have recently been released into the surrounding woods.

Focussing on a target.

Mingus in pursuit.

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