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Hercules the Champion!

Midland Counties Championship proved to be a truly fantastic and memorable show, particularly for young Belatarr Hercules.

Having moved up into Open Dog for the first time during summer Herc has never been beaten at any of the Championship shows that he has attended, so the stakes were quite high going into Midland Counties.

Following his 1st CC (from Three Counties, in June) and his 2nd CC (from Richmond, just last month) we didn’t truly expect him to win a third CC so very soon, but he performed to his usual impeccable standard and we were absolutely thrilled when judge Valerie Foss awarded him 1st in Open Dog and then that all-important 3rd Best Dog Challenge Certificate – Belatarr’s 2nd Champion in 3 months!

Newly crowned Champion Hercules (photo courtesy of DogWorld).

Newly crowned Champion Hercules (photo courtesy of DogWorld).

Huge congratulations go to Jenny & David for all of their hard work and persistence as well as their constant eagerness to learn and desire to continually improve. Successful dog showing is an equal mixture of having the best dog and being able to show that dog to best advantage and Jenny & Hercules have grown together into a hugely impressive and harmonious team. We shall forever be grateful that they have truly developed Herc to his full potential from that very exciting puppy that we picked out at 7 week of age, as well as providing Herc & his brother Charlie with such a wonderful, loving and stimulating home.

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Belatarr Boys at Midland Counties Championship

A great day for the boys at the Midland Counties Championship show today, presided over by judge and long-time breed expert, Lindsey Townsend. There was an excellent entry and a lovely, happy atmosphere both in and out of the ring and Belatarr Hercules continued his unbroken run of Championship class wins, taking 1st in Junior Dog. His big brother Belatarr Charlie Parker then went one better, taking 1st in Post Graduate Dog and then, against extremely tough competition, was also awarded Reserve Best Dog.

Charlie's Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Charlie’s Reserve Challenge Certificate.

Hercules, awaiting his designated driver.

Hercules, awaiting his designated driver.

Charlie, awaiting his ride too.

Charlie, awaiting his driver too.

The boys together.

The boys together.

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Seasonal Tribulations.

The lonnnnnng absence of any new blog entries can be attributed to Phoenix coming into season – her second, just shy of her 2nd birthday, and almost exactly 12 months from her first. How very orderly.

The big difference this time ’round, though, was that she was no longer the only canine in the household. Entering into unknown territory with an intact male and female living together, Phoenix (somewhat unexpectedly!) came into season just 24 hrs. after being awarded 2nd Limit Bitch at the Gundog Society of Wales Champ show.

We had been as prepared as we could be for the whole male/female excitement interface, and the possibility of having to separate the dogs from one another for a while, but in the event it all went relatively easily, and aside from two occasions when Phoenix was caged to allow Mingus to get some daytime snoozing done, they remained together throughout the whole time. Having said that we didn’t take our eyes off them at any time when they were awake, and obviously they slept in different rooms too, but the howling/screaming/hysteria that we were expecting (and that’s just from the humans)  never came to pass at all.

They ate and exercised together just as normal, and, as soon as they were out of the house, they were invariably both far more interested in food/running/tug-of-war/swimming/chasing stuff etc. etc.

Vole hunting = business as usual.

Phoenix herself was pretty unaffected in terms of mood, but once she entered her receptive phase Mingus became much more tense and unsettled, finding it difficult to relax or rest no matter where he was.

Although this only lasted for a few days unfortunately the very peak of the season coincided with Mingus’ final Champ show as a Puppy – Midland Counties – where our boy was incredibly and unusually needy (howling if Tim so much as glanced at another dog!) distracted & fidgety and as a result was very unsettled and lean-y in the ring, temporarily forgetting how to stand or move properly…we think that’s what judges refer to as “throwing it away on the day.”

Then, after just 19 days, it was all over, and, as if someone had flicked a switch to off, both dogs immediately returned to their normal patterns of behaviour.

Of course Mingus (now 11 months old) is just a young-ling, and no doubt things will be a tad more “intense” next time around, but show-ring appearance aside, it couldn’t have gone more smoothly. A big relief!

Day 7 of Phoenix' season - on the trail with Mingus.

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