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National Gundog Championship

What was an extremely hot and sunny day at this year’s National Gundog Championship proved also to be a memorable one for Belatarr. Presided over by Breed specialist judge Christine Morgan, young sisters Iris (Belatarr Venus) and Dora (Belatarr Pandora) met in the ring for only the second time, with Dora joining her sister today in qualifying for Crufts, whilst their brother Luka (Belatarr Jupiter) represented their litter in Junior Dog.

Belatarr Pandora stacked in the ring.



Belatarr Venus on the move in Junior Bitch.

The highlight of the day, though, was Billie (Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM) who won Best Bitch and was so awarded her third CC of the year and her 9th overall – an amazing achievement, matched by only 1 other bitch and two dogs in HWV breed history. We continue to be thrilled and so proud of her achievements – massive congratulations to Irene on this latest milestone for the record-breaking girl from our very first litter!

SH CH BELATARR MAHALIA JACKSON SHCM (MS I E COLLIER) I judged this lovely girl some years ago when there was only one CC on offer. On that occasion she was Best Bitch but had to settle for the Res CC as the dog was BOB. The next time I judged her was indoors when I felt that she was not as animated as she could have been. I have always thought that she was an outdoor girl and today she proved it, powering round the ring with reach and drive and holding her head high with a topline that was straight and true and perfect tail carriage. She is so feminine and noble in appearance yet has power and strength, a wonderfully balanced outline, depth, ample spring of rib and wide well muscled quarters. She is so true in front and from behind you can see the flair over her hips giving perfect balance to her ribcage. Her head is beautiful and her eyes tell you what a kind soul she is. And of course, she has an excellent wire coat and facial furnishings. It was my absolute pleasure to give her the CC at last!” 

Christine Morgan

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Triumph for North.

At the grand old age of two and 1/2 years (to the very day!) young Belatarr North By Northwest scored a fabulous win today at the National Gundog Championship where breed specialist judge Mike Lewin awarded him 1st Limit Dog and then the Best Dog Challenge Certificate, North’s first CC.

….and, not to be outdone, North’s big sister Billie – Sh CH Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM – also picked up the Reserve Bitch CC (her 5th, to go with her 6 CC’s).

All in all a sensational and hugely memorable day for Belatarr and massive congratulations to Irene, North & Billie!



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Billie the Champion!!

A truly wonderful, memorable day at the National Gundog Championship today under breed specialist Christine Schofield.

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM collected her 3rd CC for Best Bitch and so becomes Belatarr’s first Champion!

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM - Our New Champion!

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM – Our New Champion!

….whilst her litter brother, Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM also picked up his third RCC for Reserve Best Dog.

Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM

Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM


Needless to say an incredibly proud day for us and we are so expecially thrilled for Irene and Billie on their great achievement today.

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National Gundog Roundup.

Having not been able to get out to the Champ show circuit since Crufts, way back in Spring, it was great to catch up with everybody and to see the Belatarr babies in action again today at National Gundog. So needless to say I was thrilled to see Jenny’s lovely boys, Charlie Parker & Hercules, win the Brace Class from an entry of 20 pairs of Gundogs – this was only their second ever brace class and their second win out of two!

Belatarr Hercules and his brother Belatarr Charlie Parker with their 1st place Brace win.

Belatarr Hercules and his brother Belatarr Charlie Parker with their 1st place Brace win.

Their brother and sister, Billie & Gryphon, won the same brace class at the same show exactly 12 months ago too, making this win even more special. Meanwhile, over in the main breed judging, Herc also picked up 1st in Post Graduate Dog:

Belatarr Hercules standing for his critique.

Belatarr Hercules standing for his critique.

Most improved today, though, was most definitely Vivien’s handsome Kofi (Belatarr Sculptor), now maturing into such a classy boy with a super, harsh coat and hugely improved movement.

Belatarr Sculptor.

Belatarr Sculptor.

In between judging I also got to get a look at the progress made by young Belatarr North by Northwest (AKA North) just a few days short of him reaching 6 months and less than a week before his show debut – I’m so very pleased with how he is developing and it was wonderful to such positive, free-flowing movement and superb carriage in a 5-month old puppy:

North shows off his smart movement.

Belatarr North By Northwest shows off his smart movement.

North gets ready for his close-up.

North gets ready for his close-up.

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Red Letter Day!

Phoenix in the sunlight.

Saturday was the National Gundog Championship, presided over by Terry Pearson from the Lanspar Kennel – one of the most knowledgeable and experienced HWV judges in the country. There was a fine entry and a very high quality of dogs in the ring, probably the best and most true-to-type selection we’ve seen at any show in fact. The ringside atmosphere was also quite excellent and many existing HWV friends were caught-up-with whilst several interesting new Wire connections were also made.

Team Belatarr was running at near full strength with Tim’s son Freddie manning the camera as well as assisting Adam with the dog-wrangling.

Mingus preparing for stacking....just the tail to go.

Mingus was first into the ring and, despite being a little fidgety, managed to take 1st Puppy Dog. Heading back into the ring later Mingus faced the winner of the very strong Puppy Bitch class and we were delighted and surprised in equal measure when he was awarded Best Puppy in Breed. His first Champ show BP at only his second attempt.

The judges critique for Mingus was:

“What a super puppy, hope he continues to develop as he is doing, but does not grow a deal larger. Moderate skull shape, melting expression, correct earset, good muscular neck into well laid shoulder placement, forequarters straight with chest reaching down to elbows, good topline held on move, great rear angulation & width to thigh, what a super harsh coat, moved with style & purpose, driving from the rear. Best Puppy

Phoenix - waiting in the wings.

Phoenix, meanwhile, was up in the Graduate Bitch class, where she was the youngest amongst a strong entry of adult Wires. This was her second Champ show amongst the “big girls” and she stood to her usual rock-solid standard and luckily moved well too. Many people had commented to us outside the ring on how mature and beautifully-coated Phoenix was looking, but we were absolutely thrilled when she was awarded 1st Graduate Bitch, definitely her most senior award to date!

The judges critique of Phoenix was:

“well up to size but is beautifully put together, I just thought her lovely, possesses the prettiest of heads, of correct proportion, melting expression, lovely arch to neck, good reach of upper arm, straightest of fronts, with elbows well tucked in, good depth of chest, level topline, good rear angulation, excellent coat, moved so well, with plenty of drive”

Phoenix stacked for Graduate Bitch.

Phoenix - as seen from the front for a change.

Mingus then made his was into the Best Puppy in Show ring where he had the honour of representing the breed in front of a good sized audience of Gundog bigwigs. The weather forecast had said “rain all day”, but actually it had been dry and quite bright and breezy up to now. However, just as the 27 gundog puppies hit the ring, the enormous black cloud that had been looming ever closer decided it could wait no longer and it suddenly started to pour with rain.

Judges, stewards, competitors and audience all ran for it and eventually re-grouped in a new indoor ring. Here, some 11 hours after we’d set off for the show, Mingus managed to stand and move the best he’d done all day, demonstrating his stamina and, we hope, acting as a worthy ambassador for the breed.

Mingus stacked for Pest Puppy in Show - you might need to squint to see this one....

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Phoenix Flickrstream.

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