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Nipping, Mania and Buffy.

Side Profile.

Side Profile.

We were warned by Tracey that things get worse before they get better. Phoenix has been quite “nippy” over the past few days so we’ve stepped up the rewarding all good behaviour routine. She now knows “Sit” and “Stand” and is learning “Off” (to get off the furniture).

She has to be monitored and offered things to do all the time she’s awake, otherwise she gets bored.  So we keep trying new things with her and make sure the plastic bottles keep a-coming. Luckily, Phoenix is  sleeping a lot and is also easy to calm down. The manic episodes after the evening meal have begun, but we’ve found getting her to sit and then rewarding her, brings her back down to earth again. It must be frustrating having all that puppy energy but not being allowed to romp around outside for longer the ten minutes at a time, as otherwise your legs go wonky and your hips fall off. It’s the Uber-Suck as Buffy would put it.

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