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The incredible ending to the 2018 show year secured us sufficient points to be awarded the OurDogs UK’s Top Breeder/Kennel for 2018.

This is the THIRD time that we have been privileged to win this incredibly prestigious award, having also achieved the win for 2014 and 2016. In so doing Belatarr becomes the first HWV kennel ever to be named Top UK Breeder for a third time.

At the same time our boy, Mingus, (Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM) was awarded Top HWV Stud Dog (OurDogs), this being the third time that Mingus has achieved this award, following similar wins in 2014 and 2016. Given that he has only ever sired two litters, this is a truly astonishing achievement and one unmatched by any other HWV dog.

Last, but most definitely not least, our Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr was awarded Top HWV Brood Bitch, also for the third time, and again, this is a record unmatched by another HWV.

Having tragically lost Phoenix earlier in 2018 this last award was particularly poignant and emotional and serves as an incredible tribute to our beautiful girl and the legacy that she left us all.

None of these wins would have been even remotely possible without the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of Irene and Jenny whose combined total of 8 Challenge Certificates for 2018 secured Belatarr the necessary points for all of the awards. A heartfelt thank you to you both 🙂

Phoenix, in her watery element.


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Belatarr wins Top HWV Kennel, Stud Dog & Brood Bitch for 2014!

It’s been a roller-coaster of a year, but at the end of it all we’re immensely proud to say that OurDogs have informed us that Belatarr has been awarded the Arden Grange Top HWV Kennel for 2014.

In addition Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr is the winner of the Dog World/Yumega Top Brood Bitch for 2014 and Mingus, Morehays Lars of Belatarr ShCM, is the Top HWV Stud Dog for 2014.

These awards are a great testament to everyone’s hard work in and out of the ring this year, and the pinnacle of our achievements as a still very young kennel.

Wishing everyone a very happy and successful 2015! 🙂

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Phoenix Flickrstream.

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