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HWVA Show.


Diane Instructs....Phoenix Listens.

Today, Tim and Phoenix headed North to attend the annual Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Open Show. There were around 53 HWV’s in competition plus anther dozen or so pups in attendance and it was an utter delight to see so many whiskery faces in one place.  Phoenix was still a month or so too young for the show itself but it proved an extremely useful and instructive exercise for both parties. Through the course of the day she moved from full-on “Tigger” mode to eventually curling up and going to sleep right beside the ring which was quite an achievement in itself.

Most useful of all however, was the chance to meet up with Diane Parry, human companion of Mallard – Phoenix’s sire – who, besides being all round Queen of the HWV, was also judging at the show. Diane was kind enough to give Tim and Phoenix a few intensive and very necessary lessons in showcraft, after which their combined showmanship efforts improved dramatically.

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