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Best Puppy in Show.

Pics from Mingus’ Best Puppy in Show win at Camborne Redruth Open show – as you can see, they went with the cute, rather than the formal poses..still, at least Mingus got to show off his natty, Puppy Gurus trained “paw shake”:

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Crufts + Puppy Progress.

Time for another long overdue update…

First up, last weekend saw our very first trip to Crufts! We’ve never previously attended as spectators, let alone exhibitors, so it was with much excitement and some trepidation that we ventured with Phoenix to the show-of-shows to take our place in the big ring alongside 74 other HWV’s.

Phoenix stacked for judging at Crufts.

In the end Crufts proved to be pretty much like any other Champ Show (albeit with adjoining vast arenas stuffed full of every conceivable canine related product and thronging with punters.) The actual dog show element of Crufts seemed to pass by most of the general public, which resulted in lots of space and a remarkably relaxed atmosphere.

Phoenix was in Special Junior Bitch class and despite our concerns about her slightly jumpy, hormonal, post-season demeanour (which has seen her pull away from the last few judges who examined her rear end) she stood beautifully. Sadly her movement was not so hot (blame operator error…) and we were awarded 2nd Place, which does mean, though, that she’s automatically qualified for Crufts 2011.

Unfortunately our in-house photographer failed to produce much that was usable to document the day.

Mingus - 16 weeks Head Shot.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, young Mingus has come on in leaps and bounds – often quite literally so. Advice from Tracey at Puppy Gurus saw us relocating his cage to be right beside Phoenix overnight and an immediate good-nights-sleep for all was the result. In fact he’s never failed to sleep right through the night ever since – yippee!

At the grand-old-age of 16 weeks Mingus has now perfected all his Puppy Gurus obedience training moves and will be tested this coming week. He’s also picked up all the basics of ringcraft incredibly well and just loves being taken along for training where he struts his stuff with the big dogs – leading one very experienced Champ show judge to comment this week that Mingus was: “Just amazingly good!” He has proven to be vastly easier and quicker to train than Phoenix, although a large part of that must surely be down to us knowing roughly what we’re doing this time around!

Mingus - Called to attention on the common.

Mingus’ utterly delightful, affectionate, calm and polite nature never fails to charm everyone who he meets. Today on a socialisation trip around Torrington Common he hooked up with a wide assortment of walkers and their dogs, from Labs to Cockapoos to Spaniels to Scotties, all with great waggy success.

As was the case with Phoenix’ puppyhood we’re also now back in the land of “he’s got big paws – he’s going to be a big dog,” together with the usual (sometimes rather surreal) attempts at playing Guess The Breed – today’s examples being:
1) Labrador

2) That Dog With The Ridgeback (that would a Ridgeback Madam)

3) Newfoundland (see below)??!!

err....Mingus? (apparently!)

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With Honours…





It was the end of an era today as we attended our last ever Puppy Gurus session: the advanced doggy test. Phoenix is just entering the “difficult” Teen-Wolf years and has decided that Puppy Gurus is the place to test the boundaries and play up, albeit only a little bit. After a slightly dodgy start (where we couldn’t get her to sit, wait or actually pay any attention at all) she clicked into training mode and we managed to pass the exam with relative ease. She was particularly excellent with the tricky-to-perfect Long-Distance-Instant-Down as well as the Walking-To-Heel-Past-Seated-Trainers-Who-Are-Distractingly-Eating-Pizza (a Puppy Guru’s speciality move it seems) and managed all of the other tasks too, so all’s well that ends well.

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Back to School.

In the Garden.
In the Garden.

We’re back at Puppy Gurus to learn advanced obedience for the next six weeks. This is really about training the humans more than the canine… We’re going to be learning the “Instant Long Distance Down”, target training using a target stick, the agility weave plus a novelty trick or two just to keep us on our toes. There was also talk about re-enacting scenes from Hamlet but we think this was a joke…?

In other news, Phoenix has grown big enough to now sproing off, around and over the sofa, plus when our guard is down, to break into the bedroom and briefly go ape on the bed.  We try not to think of hip scores and fragile puppy bones – denial is always the first course of action in this household.  At the height of hysterical excitement it’s like her brain short-circuits and she tries to do everything at once; sit, stand, chew, wag, steal, shake hands, bark and dribble. It’s a sight to see.

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Full On Wrestling Match!

Puppy Gurus Day! This was the first time we took Phoenix to her (our?) obedience class.  Unfortunately, her vaccination status is such that she’s still not able to be let on the ground with other dogs. However, she was able to “mingle” with the other vaccinated puppies in class.

She started as she meant to go on, by submissively urinating on the floor in front of an ultra-bouncy collie. It was all a little frustrating because her lack of contact with other new dogs means that she “over-reacts” when she does finally get to socialise with the canine kind. All our previous training obviously gets filed away  somewhere in the deep recesses of her doggy mind.

Hopefully, this is something that will improve rapidly after tomorrow when we can start mixing her with the general dog population.  On the plus side, Phoenix did (eventually) remember how to sit, lie down and stand after bribery with garlic laced liver chunks (yum!). Ultimately, she was more interested in meeting and greeting the other five pups. Roll on tomorrow and the biog wide world….

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It’s OK the Washing Machine’s Safe.

Puppy Gurus Logo.

Puppy Gurus Logo.

The first Puppy Gurus training session. This was for human companions only. We left Phoenix on her own for two hours which is the longest she’s ever been left so far. We’d been building up periods of isolation from a couple of minutes up to about half an hour. We’d heard tales of dogs left alone destroying sofas and gnawing washing machines in half so were unsure what to expect.

In the event, she slept through the whole period and was just waking up when we got back and starting to tuck into a chicken wing.

Tracey gave out a lot of info, which has to be read and will be tested next week.  Nobody mentioned homework…

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Return of the Party Animal

At large.

At large.

Today’s puppy party was thrown by Tracey B. the “Puppy Guru” lady. She is very cool, and kept a crowd of eight eager pooches under tight (but gentle) control. Tracey is a strong advocate of positive training methods, she’s an animal behaviourist and a member of the International Positive Dog Training Association. Her brand phrase is “respect, kindness, harmony”. The basic principle is you reward every piece of good behaviour and ignore or interrupt any undesirable ones and NEVER punish your dog.*

Tracey also works with violent teenagers using the same techniques so, respect due!

Apart from a spaniel, Phoenix was the largest dog there, this didn’t stop her getting out and about and pressing the flesh though- she was polite and enthusiastic and remarkably self controlled. She did struggle during the early part of the party, as the dogs were let off the lead one at a time over the two hours, for around ten minutes.

No problems in the car – now definitely established as the provider of good things and the vet as her favourite place EVA!!!

*I love the fact that nothing is ever the puppy’s fault, it’s always the owner who’s to blame for not thinking ahead. It’s a very “oy vey iz mir” approach, but it works.

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