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Mid-Western Gundog Society Show.


Watching the Action at Mid-Western Gundog Show.

Yesterday was our last opportunity to take Phoenix to attend a show before her own debut at the end of May. The Mid-Western Gundog Society Show near Worcester was a relaxed and relatively lowkey “do” which gave us another chance to get Phoenix fit for purpose and concentrating with dogs and people all around. She was extremely bouncy ‘n’ boingy and frustrated at not being able to join in with the other dogs but as soon as we got her working on gaiting and stacking, then she tuned in remarkably well. Which hopefully bodes well for when she has to do the real thing in about four weeks time. Until then, it’s practice, practice, practice.

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Dress Rehearsal.



Another great opportunity to meet up with Diane today to practice our ringcraft and get further tuition from Phoenix’ grandma. This is a shot that Diane took which shows how the stack is coming along…need to get those front legs a tad further forward, but not too bad otherwise! We’re particularly pleased that Phoenix has learned to hold her tail out straight, which is something few other dogs seem to be able to do in the ring.

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Phoenix Flickrstream.

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