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Ever Elegant.

quiet reflectionPhoenix takes time out from her hectic schedule of shows, training, running-on-the-beach, chasing pheasants, digging, swimming etc. etc. for a moment of quiet reflection.

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Trading up homes.

Trying Out the New Crate.

Trying Out the New Crate.

New crate arrived today, bigger, more cushion-ier and with a better view of the pack outside. Phoenix hopped in immediately and the net result was a better night’s sleep for all concerned.

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Howl, Howl and Howl Again.

Sling Shot.

Sling Shot.

Bit of a nightmare night last night – we have got into the habit of letting Phoenix sleep on the sofa with us, and then when she’s put to  bed, she’s too rested to sleep and starts howling. Which she did for quite some time.  Our books all say different things about what to do. Some say to ignore it, some say to comfort her. We tried ignoring and that didn’t go down too well. Tim got up and comforted her which settled her, but poor old Phoenix had a bad night overall.

The overall problem is Phoneix’s waking/sleeping schedule is out of sync with ours. Whatever we try to do to keep her awake later in the evening, she still crashes out at 8.00pm and then wakes up at 5.00am (with a toilet break in between).

This week the ringcraft and training courses start so hopefully that will allow us to alter her routine and get everyone synchronised…

Phoenix also has an itchy paw, we had a look and couldn’t find anything but it’s annoying her.

Good training session in the kitchen today: we’ve found that limiting the space helps to focus her more and stops her wandering off to chew random objects.  Like us.

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Party Animal

Tim trying out new sling indoors.

Tim trying out new sling indoors.

First attempts at “stacking” using the clicker and treat method – as a preparation for Phoenix’s big turn in the (future?) show ring…show-biz is calling.

… we had a semi hunger strike on our hands. Phoenix took  a look at her biscuit based breakfast and basically refused to eat – where’s the good stuff? Y’know the meaty stuff. Biscuits no longer working as a treat – not cutting the mustard anymore. Luckily we’d already stocked a freezer up with her specialist raw food. We made a 50/50 blend of raw food and biscuit, mixing them up. This was accepted without any problem.

There were only a couple of other dogs at the puppy party – organised by the lovely nurses at the vets in their own time – seven were expected and only two turned up.  A springer-spaniel called Sasha (who barked a lot – an unfortunate trick which Phoenix immediately took up as her own. Arf and indeed Arf!). The other party animal was a beautifully trained 14 month old rescue border collie belonging to one of the nurses.

Sasha was quite timid and over-awed by the whole thing and also by Phoenix’s confidence and bouncy demeanour.  Phoenix and the collie had an intensive play session and as usual she gave as good as she got…

Sleep update: not much of a problem, a bit of a howl at night but then all is well.

Chewing: oh, the chewing! We have been following the advice of Ian Dunbar (“Before and After Getting Your Puppy”) who says you should allow your dog to bite you in order to give appropriate feedback as to the intensity of the bite, so they can gradually soften the bite pressure. This is called bite inhibition. She seems to be softening her bite: only mouthing gently…

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So it begins…

Camouflaged amongst the chair legs.

Camouflaged amongst the chair legs.

Day 2:  Phoenix woke up every hour on the hour, not much sleep for Daddy A (Tim) and Daddy X (Adam) Phoenix was introduced to the world of clicker and treat today, Phoenix learnt her name, and learnt to sit. Toys were chewed.

First contact was made with the cats, who didn’t want to play. At all. Phoenix couldn’t really understand why her new fluffy puppy friends didn’t want to rumble.

First trip outdoors: Phoenix was overwhelmed by being outdoors. It was really cold and frosty too, in contrast to her supreme confidence in every other situation.

Toilet Training bulletin: a bit hit and miss but give her a break it is day one in a new home!  A few puddles. We put in a turf filled tray for her to use but she didn’t know what grass was! Let alone frozen grass.

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The Phoenix Has Landed!

Favourite New Toy.

Favourite New Toy.

Bleary Eyed.

Day 1: Bleary Eyed.

Day 1:  Seven and a half hour journey from North Norfolk to North Devon. It went howl,  snooze, pee, play, eat, poop, sleep, pee, play, fidget, squirm, howl, arrive! Most importantly,  nobody was sick. On touchdown in the kitchen, she arrived like it was her long lost home. She immediately dived into her crate (the one we had been worrying about for weeks about how we were going to entice her into it – involving complex uses of peanut butter, biscuits and stuffed kongs).

Somebody was very excited with her box of new toys and managed to eat a meal before pegging out for the night….

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