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Special Guest Appearance.

Todays special guest star on the Phoenix blog is Tulip, our calico coloured British Shorthair foundling cat-of-uncertain-origin…



Tulip wandered into our lives a good while back when, as a pregnant  & starving teenage runaway, she was attempting to survive on bony frogs in our London back yard. In no time at all she had birthed her 3 kittens on the bed (at 2AM ) and decided that, since the food was considerably easier to come by indoors,  this was the place to raise her urchin waif family.

Now, many years and some 200-odd miles further on, Tulip has a pretty serene existence where all her concerns revolve around sleeping/eating/getting tickles – all skills in which she displays considerable mastery – together with the slaughter of untold hundreds of short-tailed field voles.  She has recently taken to elbowing Phoenix away from her dog food at any and every opportunity and clearly has some form of internal clock which allows her to be pre-stationed at the dog bowl for Phoenix’ every meal.

She and Phoenix have a remarkably amicable relationship and have even taken to curling up on the sofa near one another on occasion. As anyone who gives housespace to one of these beasties must surely be aware, cats are continually plotting to overthrow us all, and invariably “run things” in any household. Although Tulip is very much the understudy (to our other cat, Midge) we are still convinced that she will outlive us all and will one day be found feasting upon our remains…

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The Business of Show.

We’re now in full preparation for Phoenix’s official first show – she’s in a graduate class at the 3 day long Taunton and District Canine Association Open Show in a couple of weeks where she’ll be showing amongst much older and considerably more experienced handlers and dogs. It could go either way: she’ll either show like a dream, or wreak havoc and chaos around her like an anarchist mob in a grump. It’s the not knowing that lends an edge to the whole thing….

Meanwhile Phoenix continues to grow apace and we’re hoping that she eventually slows down before morphing into a new breed: the GHWV (Giant Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla). This impression wasn’t helped any when we were approached by an admiring family when out walking recently. They said in an emphatic rather than questioning way: “She’s a Great Dane, isn’t she?”

Memorable recent canine HPR interactions for Phoenix have included numerous Weimaraners in a variety of shapes, ages and sizes, and a gorgeous pair of GSP (German Shorthaired Pointer) boys with whom she had a great romp whilst we owners all held a mutual appreciation meeting.  She also took a particular shine to Merlin, the spectacular Irish Wolfhound whom we met at ringcraft. Merlin was rescued from a pub in Liverpool where he was being “kept” by a couple of teenage boys who mistakenly thought that because Wolfhounds were very big, they’d make good fighting dogs.  Wolfhounds are *very* gentle and who knows what horrors would have befallen Merlin if he hadn’t been scooped up and delivered to his new and very loving home.  It’s nice to hear of a happy ending for a change…

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