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Belatarr Brothers Win the Championship Double!

Yesterday’s Three Counties Championship proved to be a fantastic and truly memorable day for the Belatarr clan. On what proved to be a very hot, sunny day, and from an impressive entry for breed specialist judge Chris Guest, Belatarr Hercules won 1st Limit Dog and the Best Dog CC along with his first ever Championship Show Best of Breed whilst his brother Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM scored 1st Open Dog and was awarded the Reserve Dog CC (his third) – an incredible double win that has only rarely been achieved in our breed.

The critiques for the boys were as follows:

Belatarr Hercules, at 3 years of age he is just coming into his own for me. Clean outline, balanced & comfortable over his ground. Well up to size, but he carries it so well & is without lumber. Strong bone, but no coarseness. Good depth to his chest, neat & tidy at elbow, firm topline & correct belly line to strong quarters which he moved off with ease. Has a beautifully proportioned head, kind yet dignified expression which gave him the CC over his brother. Put down in the best possible order, as was his brother, excellent wiry jacket, to be critical could have had more depth to his coat.

Belatarr Charlie Parker, so similar to his sibling that took the CC, but isn’t as deep in chest & is shorter over the loin. Hands moved easily over this boy, well laid shoulders, firm topline, correct belly line & good quarters. Super head & expression. Best of coats, his owner is to be commended for putting two dogs into the ring in the best of condition in both coat & musculature. RCC.”

Chris Guest

Not to be left out the youngsters did well too, with Belatarr North by Northwest 1st Junior Dog, his brother Belatarr Vertigo 2nd Junior Dog and their sister Belatarr Thirtynine Steps taking 1st Junior Bitch.

Huge congratulations go to Jenny & David on the double win for their beautiful boys who were presented in typically immaculate condition and were thrilling to watch in the ring. Herc only moved up into Limit a few months ago, and has already won three Championship Show Best Dog awards this year (two in the last week alone!) together with his all important first CC. We couldn’t be more proud of the boys and more delighted for Jenny & David – what a team they have all become together!

Hercules in the line up for Best Dog.

Hercules in his Limit Dog class.


Charlie in the line-up for Best Dog.

Charlie in the line-up for Best Dog.


The boys together in the line-up.

The boys together in the line-up.


Jenny and Herc in the Group ring with judge Chris Bexon.

Jenny and Herc in the Group ring with judge Chris Bexon.


The boys big awards!

The boys big awards!

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Belatarr Babies in the ring.

The Belatarr babies had another excellent show weekend, and all in blazing sunshine too…

First up on Saturday was Django who was awarded Best of Breed at the 3-day benched Royal Cornwall Show – another award previously bagged by his father 3 years earlier, and Django’s 6th consecutive Open Show BOB.

Following his win, and whilst seated on his bench, Django played host to a pretty much non-stop array of well-wishers (including brother Otis – Belatarr John Coltrane!) and fans, old and new, all of whom he was very happy to have provide their stroking/tickling and patting services…. although the continual attention, stifling heat and 4-hour wait combined to ensure that he was utterly exhausted by the time the Gundog group finally rolled around and he spent much of the time lying flat out on the grass in the Group ring whilst other Gundog BOB’s gamely trotted up and down.

One lovely show day was followed immediately by another and whilst Django snoozed his Sunday afternoon away siblings Billie, Gryphon & Charlie went into action at the Three Counties Championship.

Now 19 months of age the Belatarr youngsters are firmly up amongst the big boys and girls in Post Graduate. Charlie Parker & Gryphon went head to head, as usual, in a competitive Post Grad dog class and Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) bagged 2nd place, with brother Charlie a solid 3rd. The judge was very keen to see Gryphon again to consider him for Reserve Best Dog, and waited for as long as she could, but to due *logistical complications* he was, unfortunately 5 mins away in the car park at by that time, and so sadly it was not to be…

The judges critique read:

“A soundly moving dog with many attractive attributes, excellent harsh coat, balanced front and rear angulations, deep and long ribs giving the correct body length, topline firm and held on the move.”  Eileen Hughes

Sister Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) proved to be our biggest star of the day, though, and took an excellent 1st in a tough and large Post Graduate Bitch class.

Her critique read:

“It was difficult to separate the first two quality bitches. I preferred the firsts length of body and her coat; correct head and body proportions, good tight feet, very good topline and tail-set, she moved well.” Eileen Hughes

In the bitch line-up Billie then went  head-to head with a previous Crufts Best of Breed winner (who had been called back after being placed 2nd in Open Bitch) and Billie emerged victorious to be awarded  a terrific Reserve Best Bitch. An excellent day’s work, team!

Billies Three Counties wins.

Billies Three Counties wins.

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