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Twist in the Tale.

If only I'd had one of these...

If only I'd had one of these...

Well, that’s a turn up for the books. We got to the vets today, all grim faced and worry-lined, expecting to see Phoenix swallowed up into the Hospital complex like something from a James Bond film or Man from U.N.C.L.E. (except this would be dog from Beaford, but you get the general idea), while we wailed and gnashed, EXCEPT that the vet opened Phoenix’s mouth had a look in and one of the problem teeth was gone, it must’ve fallen out yesterday. So, she had a look at the other one, put her finger on it and it WOBBLED! “It’ll fall out later today or tomorrow” she said, handing Phoenix back to us after a bit of dog-vet cuddling had been completed.

So we we went over to the Common instead for a 2 hour walk all over the place, then home for extra crunchy chicken wings, well for Phoenix anyway. In between we had a strange encounter with an “eccentric” character in the high street who kept insisting that Phoenix was a Rhodesian Ridgeback , and would therefore need to be trained to kill lions. Later, he then got stroppy and spittle-flecked, when we told him that animals had been used and killed by the armed forces in war. Not even mentioning The Animals in War Memorial in London could shift his position. He ended the conversation by suddenly saying “There’s no point in talking to you”, which in truth he hadn’t been: he’d actually been incoherently monologuing at us while Phoenix tried to steal boxes of fudge from him that he had in a bag, used for swinging around him as some kind of conversation punctuation device. We cheerily waved him goodbye as he stomped off into the distance… Gotta love ’em.

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A Tooth for a Tooth.

The Fateful Dental Exam....

The Fateful Dental Exam....

At this weeks ringcraft class, one of the judges took a look at Phoenix’s teeth and informed us that she has two infant teeth growing alongside her adult ones. If they aren’t removed they could alter the shape of her mouth, cause all sorts of dental problems and most importantly, a lot of pain. There’s no way around it, Ms Phoenix is gonna have to go see the dentist…

…She’s going in to the vets for her operation on Tuesday.  She should only be in for a few hours though, not overnight…      😦

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No Madam, She is NOT Brown…

First Rays of Sunshine.

First Rays of Sunshine.

Nobody has guessed correctly what breed Phoenix is. At the vets they volunteered Rhodesian Ridgeback or Italian Spinone AND they asked if they could put her colour down as “BROWN”!!!!! Tim became quite agitated,  so affronted was he… 🙂 Needless to say, we corrected them: it’s Russet (as featured in the breed description).

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Return of the Party Animal

At large.

At large.

Today’s puppy party was thrown by Tracey B. the “Puppy Guru” lady. She is very cool, and kept a crowd of eight eager pooches under tight (but gentle) control. Tracey is a strong advocate of positive training methods, she’s an animal behaviourist and a member of the International Positive Dog Training Association. Her brand phrase is “respect, kindness, harmony”. The basic principle is you reward every piece of good behaviour and ignore or interrupt any undesirable ones and NEVER punish your dog.*

Tracey also works with violent teenagers using the same techniques so, respect due!

Apart from a spaniel, Phoenix was the largest dog there, this didn’t stop her getting out and about and pressing the flesh though- she was polite and enthusiastic and remarkably self controlled. She did struggle during the early part of the party, as the dogs were let off the lead one at a time over the two hours, for around ten minutes.

No problems in the car – now definitely established as the provider of good things and the vet as her favourite place EVA!!!

*I love the fact that nothing is ever the puppy’s fault, it’s always the owner who’s to blame for not thinking ahead. It’s a very “oy vey iz mir” approach, but it works.

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Vet Visit.

Phoenix at six weeks.

Phoenix at six weeks.

Today, Phoenix went to the Vets for her first injection. Only the second time ever in the car: she still wasn’t crazy about it. She didn’t mind being in the car, it was the sight of the landscape speeding by that tipped her over the edge. Treats worked well to distract her.

Once we got to the vets, she loved it. Everybody made a huge fuss of her, staff and visitors.  Carolyn the vet, noted on her record that she was a “lovely and extremely well socialised pup”. Phoenix was microchipped and, like her injection,  she didn’t notice it happening at all, being much more interested in the biscuit bribe that the vet offered her.

Phoenix was given a clean bill of health, the vet commented that Phoenix was big for her age and wasn’t she actually ten weeks old rather than eight weeks!

Phoenix was invited to two puppy parties.

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