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Walking in A Winter Wonderland…

kentbKent Brockman: “Roads closed, pipes frozen, albinos …virtually invisible. The National Weather Service has upgraded Springfield’s North Devon’s blizzard from “Winter Wonderland” to a “Class 3 Kill-Storm”!

Marge: I don’t like the sound of that “class 3”.

After yesterdays smattering of snow, we awoke (like the rest of the country) to find a good six inches or so covering everything in sight. Very Christmas picture-postcardy.

Into the Garden under Snow.

Into the Garden under Snow.

People all over the county spent the night trapped in their cars or without electricity, it even made the national news. We lost electricity for about 4 hours and wondered how long it would be before we were foraging like wild animals for soya cappuccino and novelty USB Memory Sticks.

To celebrate Phoenix’s three month birthday and

Cake + Dog + National Emergency = PARTY TIME!

We *heart* National Emergencies.

Adam’s 43rd, it was decided that snow+cake+dog+national state of emergency= PARTY TIME!

Phoenix was quite delighted with the transformation of the garden landscape as she variously tried romping, eating, digging, chasing and rolling in the snow. We had a** lot** of fun; the pictures tell the story much better than we can…. Sorry about the messy layout but WordPress seems to be a bit temperamental with multiple picture posts.

With Tim in the Snow.

With Tim in the Snow.

Did we mention the cake?

Did we mention the cake?

Running in the Snow.

Running in the Snow.

Snuffling SNow.

Snuffling Snow.

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