This Cat Does Not Want Your Friendship…

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Back to the vet’s on the 20th for the second and final vaccination. More cuddles, biscuits and general fuss made of her. The vet checked on Phoenix’s ears which were giving off an odd smell.  Appears to have been a very mild infection, the ear drops cleared it up in 48 hours. This means we can take Phoenix out properly for short bursts in a weeks time. Hurrah! No other problems reported.

Midge - Furry Anarchist.

Midge - Furry Anarchist.

Phoenix has discovered the joy of pushing open the bedroom door – she’s not allowed in either bedroom,  but the door of the main one doesn’t close properly so she’s learnt a new exciting game of “push open the door and try and steal an item of clothing off the bed and chew it to smithereens”. It’s like a little explosion of happy, wagging life everytime she does it. It doesn’t help that this is the cats hang out, and they are most put out by this wagging interlocutor. Solution: a hook and eye to keep the door secure during the day.

Midge (she who must be obeyed, top cat and all round East End bruiser feline) is becoming increasingly bold around Phoenix. So far we have had two swipes and a number of guttural whines from cat to dog.  Phoenix knows the cats mean trouble but they are just oh so irresistible. This will only end in tears. Mark my words. Why are the bad ones always so fluffy???

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