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Puppies: week 4

Another huge week for the youngsters as their eyesight finally comes fully online allowing them to play and chew their way excitedly around their ever-expanding worlds.

Semi-decent weather has allowed them to be outside in their run for at least a few hours every day of this past week, taking in the sunshine, rain, winds and all points in between. Just like all Belatarr generations before them they also immediately gravitated towards their mini den for snoozy puppy pile-ups:

They are now well on their way towards being weaned and have quickly become experts at eating solid food from their Weenafeeder in-between visits form Mum. This is also the most significant change in their head shape, as muzzles elongate, eyes widen and skulls develop to give them fully formed puppy heads. Here they all are, outside in the dappled sunshine this morning:


Miss Lime


Miss Orange


Miss Pink


Miss Purple


Miss Yellow


Mr Black


Mr Blue


Mr Grey


Mr Red


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Puppies: week 3

All change for the pups this week as eyes opened fully and full vision slowly came on-line, accompanied by better mobility – although 4 to 5 steps followed by a quick tumble is still very much the order of the day.

All up and motoring about.


Mum checks that everything is in order.

Head and muzzle shapes became much more pronounced too, although next week will see an even more dramatic evolution in their heads, whilst coats are also developing rapidly now.

Mr Red, just nodding off.

But it’s very much the case that 90-95% of their time is still spent snoozing.

Sister snuggles.


Puppy pile-up.


Miss Lime (snoozy)


Miss Orange


Miss Pink


Miss Purple.


Miss Yellow



Mr Black


Mr Blue


Mr Grey


Mr Red

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New Belatarr Babies!

We’re absolutely thrilled to announce the arrival of the next generation of Belatarr puppies.

Our beautiful girl, Lyra, gave birth to her long-awaited second and final litter of 5 girls and 4 boys on the 4th of July, sired by the UK’s only dual (Show and Working) Champion HWV dog, the magnificent Champion Zoldmali Szeles Morganna JW, (AKA Tarot). We have known Tarot well from a first meeting shortly after he was imported at a few months of age by Rachel Newman, at the multi-award winning Morganna HWV’s. He has grown into a hugely well-balanced and superb example of the breed, who, at only 2 years old, already has many awards to his name, including a victory at Crufts 2019, where he was awarded Best Dog.

The sire, Tarot, from the Morganna Kennel.

We have been patiently planning this mating for the past 18 months, wanting to combine the strengths of these two lines, and are delighted with an incredibly even and well-matched litter and even more so that mum and pups are all absolutely thriving. Now a week old, all pups are close to double their birth weight and Lyra is definitely appreciating having slightly fewer to feed/clean/corral than with her first litter of 12, in 2017. So without further ado, here they all are in a record of a first week busily filled with feeding and sleeping, sleeping and feeding:

The Whole gang together, just a few hours old!

…and all together again, now at 1 week old.



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Triple wins at Windsor.

A fabulous day for Jenny & David’s Belatarr boys at the Windsor Championship Show, where long-time breed specialist judge Rob McMaster awarded first places to Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM (Veteran), Belatarr Jupiter (Post Graduate Dog) & Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules (Open Dog).

All three then went head to head amongst the other class winners in the line-up Best Dog, and it was Lyra’s son, young Belatarr Jupiter (Luka) who beat his two uncles to be awarded Best Dog alog with his very first Challenge Certificate, this coming after he picked up his first Reserve CC and earned his Kennel Club Stud Book Number just 2 months ago at the WELKS Championship. Uncle Hercules was then awarded the Reserve Dog CC, with Uncle Charlie completing the set as Best Veteran in Breed.

But even better was to come when Luka went on to be awarded his first Champ Show Best of Breed and the privilege of representing the breed in the Gundog Group. Luka has so far been unbeaten in his Champ show classes throughout the whole year and this was a thrilling new high for his show career. Huge congratulations to Jenny & David!


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Hercules Best of Breed at Bath Championship.

A great win for Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules today at the Bath Championship Show where he was awarded his 6th Challenge Certificate and then went on to be named Best of Breed under judge John Thirwell – Huge congratulations to Jenny and David for another memorable result.


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Belatarr Boys Double Firsts at Crufts.

A lovely day for Belatarr at Crufts 2019, under breed specialist judge Chris Guest, where young Belatarr Jupiter (Luka) placed 1st in a large and quality Post-Graduate Dog class with his uncle Sh CH Belatarr Hercules also placing 1st in his (all-Champions) Open Class – critiques to follow!

Belatarr Jupiter – 1st Post Graduate Dog

Sh CH Belatarr Hercules – 1st Open Dog

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Mid Western Gundog Wins.

Jenny had some great results with her Belatarr boys at the Mid Western Gundog Show at the Three Counties Showground on 17th Feb. The breed was judged by Judge Peter Watson (Oakswarren) and he awarded Belatarr Jupiter (Luka) 1st in Post Graduate with his big brother Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules winning 1st in Open and Best of Breed.

Best in Show was then judged by Frank Kane and Herc was shortlisted from the huge selection of 33 Gundog BOB winners. Meanwhile, Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM was entered into AV Veteran which was split into two big classes (with 14 dogs in his class) also under Frank Kane. He performed beautifully and won through to face the winner of the second veteran class. Again he won the showdown and, as a result, was crowned Best Veteran in Show:

Many congratulations to Jen & Charlie on an excellent win and the very fine accompanying trophy & rosette too.

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