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Now that Mingus is getting on for 5 months old we are finally able to start taking him out for slightly longer walks, and this week – for pretty much the first time – we took Phoenix and Mingus for a few trips out together, resulting in much jollity and frolicking all round (a week of non stop sunshine certainly didn’t hurt either!)



The pack also expanded this week with the arrival of Tim’s son Fred who was down for the Easter Hols., and who, as ever, was seamlessly integrated into the wolf/human hierarchy as we all hit the beaches and the moors.

Mingus, Phoenix & Fred in action - skimming stones at Lyme Bay, Dorset.

Mingus at Scorhill, Dartmoor.

Mingus, trying out the "stately whilst chewing an old bone" look.

With Adam at the Scorhill stone circle.

A big pile of snooze at the end of the day.

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Last night, or so we’re reliably informed, was the equal coldest night ever recorded in the UK, with temps dipping to minus 22C or thereabouts, the same as at the South Pole.  Here in “balmy” Devon we dropped to minus 14C, easily cold enough to have potentially devastating consequences for some of the rare trees, shrubs and bamboos that inhabit our garden….we won’t know what damage has occurred until Spring, but in the meantime our bore-hole fed water supply has frozen and pipes burst, flooding the kitchen. The river has also frozen over (for only the third time in the last 25 years), we’ve had no post delivery for days and none of our cars can make it out of our entrance drive….so clearly the only thing left to do right now is go and play in the snow:

Our Valley.

Gotta Have A Stick.

Then Have a Stick Wrestle.

At the bottom of the garden.

Snow hoover.

Helping Adam to make a Snow bunny.


1 flattened Giant Bamboo (foreground) & 12 snowy Redwoods (background)

Hock-deep in the snow.

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Full Wire Jacket (…Almost)

Phoenix is now 8 months old and her wire coat has suddenly started to develop really nicely – something that we realised we haven’t really managed to capture or document properly – so today we took advantage of a brief break in the endless July rain to head out to Crow Point armed with a camera…

As soon as we hit the beach we met up with two local Vizsla girls and their human companion, so we all had a good chin-wag about all things Vizsla whilst the three girls had an extended sandy romp. Then it was on to the main business of the day: sloshing through sea puddles,  lots of digging and hunting for driftwood, watching seabirds in the distance and all the while wondering why the salt water tastes so odd.

Bright sun, strong breeze, sandy nose.

Bright sun, strong breeze, sandy nose.

Taking a break from digging and stalking gulls....

Sandy-wet-wiry muzzle.

Taking a break from digging and stalking gulls.

Taking a break from digging and stalking gulls.

On the trail of something super interesting.

On the trail of something super interesting.

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Phoenix at 6 Months Old.

6 Month Portrait

6 Month Portrait.

6 Month Stack

6 Month Stack.

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The (Half) Sisters.


Phoenix met up with her half-sister Henna (Ebeegeebees Razzie) together with her breeder and human companion Catherine today. Henna is almost a month to the day older than Phoenix but the two pups are more or less the same size and look incredibly similar to one another. After much bouncing  ‘n’ boinging at one another on-lead – and much to their delight – we let them both off their leads where they proceeded to have a good old tear-around.  One of the things that was really interesting to see is how the two “girls” completely tuned into one another and reacted to everything as one pup-unit,  something that we’ve not observed Phoenix do with any other puppy. Somehow both pups knew that they were with another of their own kind….but can you spot which is which in the above pictures????

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Megalithic Pointer.

Looking imperious.

Looking imperious.

Definition of "boinging".

"Boinging" at Lanyon Quoit.

The official hottest-day-of-the-year-so-far saw us pack a picnic and head off to the far west of Cornwall, just a few miles from Land’s End. The whole region is dense with megalithic monuments and we visited the Merry Maidens circle as well as taking a moorland walk that encompassed Lanyon Quoit and Mên-an-Tol. This last is reputed to have a pixie  guardian who grants miraculous cures. In one “case” a Changeling baby was put through the holed central stone in order for the mother to get the real child back – evil pixies having changed her child – The ancient stones came through (naturally enough…) and were able to reverse the Pixie spell. Sadly we didn’t spot any pixies, evil or otherwise, but did enjoy a meet-and-greet with a German Shorthaired Pointer and her owners who, after establishing that “She’s not a Spinone is she?” became quite infatuated with Phoenix.

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Uh-Oh Snow…

Bouncyin the First Snow.

Bouncy in the First Snow.

We didn’t make it to Puppy Gurus because of the extreme weather – snow fluttered down and cars crashed everywhere, stopping us from getting out of the little valley we live in. Tim was particularly peeved because he’d been working on the whole sit-stand-down thing all week, and had primed Phoenix for a perfect performance* in front of the doggy posse. Oh well.

* OK passable performance if truth be told, but this is the internet and everybody lies on the internet,  so we’re sticking with perfect!

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