Full Wire Jacket (…Almost)

15/07/2009 at 20:39 1 comment

Phoenix is now 8 months old and her wire coat has suddenly started to develop really nicely – something that we realised we haven’t really managed to capture or document properly – so today we took advantage of a brief break in the endless July rain to head out to Crow Point armed with a camera…

As soon as we hit the beach we met up with two local Vizsla girls and their human companion, so we all had a good chin-wag about all things Vizsla whilst the three girls had an extended sandy romp. Then it was on to the main business of the day: sloshing through sea puddles,  lots of digging and hunting for driftwood, watching seabirds in the distance and all the while wondering why the salt water tastes so odd.

Bright sun, strong breeze, sandy nose.

Bright sun, strong breeze, sandy nose.

Taking a break from digging and stalking gulls....

Sandy-wet-wiry muzzle.

Taking a break from digging and stalking gulls.

Taking a break from digging and stalking gulls.

On the trail of something super interesting.

On the trail of something super interesting.

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  • 1. Davies  |  25/07/2009 at 17:29

    Hi, its Sue here, carer to Thirza, smallest sister to Phoenix; who is so much bigger than T. We wondered what and how much you are feeding her, and how much she weighs. T did weigh 22.5 kg. There is little doubt that we have P’s sister, there is a very strong family likeness. We are a little more in need of the beautitian’s wax than you, and currently are working on a proto-punk mohecan, and wooly socks.
    She is an adorable dog, with such a gentle and kind nature. She has adopted our rather spread out and large family, insisting on holding their wrists and talking to them when separated for anything longer than a night. She has enjoyed pass-times such as digging the garden, eating horse poo, diving into river mud and spreading tissue as far and wide as possible.
    We follow Phoenix’s progress with the pride of a family member.
    Regards, Sue.


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