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Darlington Championship & the HWVA Open Show.

Breed specialist Rachel Newman presided over a large and high-quality entry at the Darlington Championship, awarding Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules with 1st in Open Dog:

Strong, fit dog but not coarse in any way. Masculine head with plenty of furnishings and with a kind eye. Good shoulder placement, upper arm a little steep. Deep body reaching below brisket, strong loin, tight feet. Harsh coat. Balanced, expertly handled. Moved positively from well-angulated hindquarters. Considered for the RCC.

Rachel Newman


Whilst, two weeks later, Breed specialist Ed Casey was the judge at this year’s Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Open Show and he selected Billie, Sh Ch Belatarr Mahalia Jackson as his Best Bitch and Reserve Best in Show:

Upstanding Bitch of excellent type, like her head, pleasing eye colour and shape, good furnishings, strong neck, excellent front, straight forelegs, bone and feet.  Strong firm topline, well-developed ribs, good depth of chest.  A little long in loin perhaps, tail well set and carried.  Strong and well muscled quarters, well-angulated rear.  Excellent coat of pleasing texture.  Moved out freely in all directions.  BB & RBIS

Ed Casey


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Belatarr Boys score at the HWVA Championship.

In the midst of all the new puppy shenanigans this last Sunday was the annual Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Championship, always the largest gathering of the breed to take place anywhere in the world. Although we were unable to attend,  due to the considerable demands of our twelve new arrivals, the 5 Belatarr boys who did get to the show managed to score a remarkable clean sweep of all of the top 4 dog classes, as follows:

Graduate Dog: 1st – Belatarr Vertigo

Post Graduate Dog: 1st Belatarr Sculptor

Limit Dog: 1st Belatarr Charlie Parker ShCM & 2nd Belatarr North By NorthWest

Open Dog + Reserve Best Dog: 1st Sh CH Belatarr Hercules

1st Spillane’s Sh Ch Belatarr Hercules. Quality dog of lovely type with well made & balanced construction. Interesting to see he has the same mother as my Grad, Post Grad & 1 & 2 in Limit. All with similar qualities & type the sign of an excellent brood bitch. This dog presented a good flowing outline of maturity & was presented in 1 class coat & condition. When moved he covered the ground with ease. RCC.

John Thirlwell

Many congratulations to everyone and we’re looking forward to seeing you all soon!

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Belatarr Boys at Birmingham.

Today was the double show at the Kennel Club HQ in Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire. The Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association holds it’s second show of the year in the morning, whilst the Birmingham Championship Show classes are held in the afternoon, giving a long, but potentially productive day of showing.

The morning show was  presided over by judge Marion Wadell and, now 13 months of age, Belatarr Hercules started the day by taking 1st in his first ever Junior Dog class. Shortly thereafter his big brother Belatarr Charlie Parker also took an excellent 1st in a highly competitive Limit Dog Class, also Charlie’s first step up into Limit.

Charlie in the ring.

Charlie in the ring.

Lovely trophies accompanied both wins – a memorable double for the boys and for Jenny & David.

Charlie, Hercules and proud mum Jenny amidst the days winnings.

Charlie, Hercules and proud mum Jenny amidst the days winnings.

Traditionally a completely different set of dogs win at the afternoon Birmingham Champ Show, and most followed this pattern today too, but young Hercules bucked that trend and took 1st once again in his debut Championship Junior Dog Class under judge Aideen Howes who’s super critique for Herc was:

So pleasing in head with good furnishing on muzzle, clean fit neck to shoulder, has good bone, slope to pastern & oval feet, depth through body & ribbed well back, powerful quarters, good tailset, let down in hock, moving well” Aideen Howes

That wasn’t quite the end of proceedings, though, and, having also won the Breeders Competition for HWV’s, team Belatarr then headed off to the Gundog Breeders Group where the two boys, now joined by sister Belatarr Mahalia Jackson, took another 1st place under judge Tom Mather.

Team Belatarr win the Breeders Group.

Team Belatarr win the Breeders Group.


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Belatarr Double Win at the HWVA Champ Show!

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson

Yesterday was a fabulous day in the bright spring sunshine for the Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Championship Show where an entry of more than 100 HWV’s were presided over by breed specialist judge Doreen Smillie. Tim wasn’t showing so was able to take pics and cheer team Belatarr from the sidelines, and the team most certainly delivered in great style!

Belatarr Charlie Parker in the ring.

Belatarr Charlie Parker in the ring.

To cut a long story short(-ish), Charlie (Belatarr Charlie Parker) romped home winning 1st Junior Dog, along with the Best Junior Dog trophy won by his father, Mingus, 2 years earlier, whilst his brother Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) was placed third in the same class, qualifying himself for Crufts 2014 in the process. Charlie also beat the winner of the next two classes (Yearling Dog and Graduate Dog) and then the Veteran, Puppy & Junior Puppy winners to be shortlisted down to the final 4 (alongside the much older winners of Open, Limit and Post-Grad) for Best Dog…A fabulous result!

Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie

Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie

Next up came Charlie & Gryphon’s sister Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) in the Junior Bitch class, and, not to be outdone, she also took 1st place, qualifying herself for Crufts 2014, winning the Best Junior Bitch Trophy, and giving the Belatarr babies the Best Junior Dog and Bitch double-whammy – cue much excitement in and out of the ring!

Billie stacked for the judge.

Billie stacked for her examination.

A very proud day for Tim, and a great testament to the hard work of Jenny, David & Irene.

Charlie with a post-win glow (maybe!?)

Charlie with a post-win glow (maybe!?)

Gryphon waits for his turn.

Gryphon in the winning line-up.

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Belatarr wins Top Puppy of the year… again!

Mingus strides out in the ring.

Yesterday saw the long-awaited first ever Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Championship Show, judged and extremely well presided over by Frank Kane – one of the country’s most senior judges, and possibly the ONLY British judge who could be said to be a household name outside of show households. This was the second ever show (the first being last months Crufts) at which CC’s (Challenge Certificates) were being awarded to the breed. The combined draw of Frank and the CC’s attracted a phenomenal 164 entries from 126 HWV’s spread across 23 Classes…without question the largest gathering of the breed anywhere in the world, which ably demonstrated that Wires have most definitely “arrived” in 2011!!

Hot dog (& handler) preparing the stack and nicely showing one of the secrets of his success - Mingus' powerful shoulders & upper arm.

...and stacked in the Junior Dog class.

The day was blisteringly hot, which certainly caused ongoing problems for both dogs and exhibitors, many of whom were wilting to various degrees.


Mingus was up in Junior Dog – at 10:50 AM, but already boiling in the ring. Frank certainly put the class of 6 young dogs through their paces, moving them on four occasions to examine structure & movement from all directions, but we were absolutely thrilled to be awarded 1st place once again, consolidating on Mingus’ 1st in the same class at Crufts.

Mingus' 1st Junior Dog award.

We like a bit of silverware and Mingus received a natty engraved silver platter for his win too, but, much like the temperature, things were only just hotting up for him…

The annual awards were announced at lunchtime. At last years awards ceremony our Phoenix took Top Puppy and Top Scoring Puppy Bitch for the year. We knew that there was some very serious competition this year from, amongst others, two superb young bitches (from Herlinga & Morganna Kennels respectively) both of whom had excelled through the year at Championship and Open shows and who we knew would have amassed substantial scores….

Mingus & Handler having a team-discussion whilst awaiting their results...

As the tally of points was pinned up and the awards announced it became clear that one of these bitches had beaten the existing Puppy Show Points record by quite a large margin…but Mingus had managed to go ever further and, with his score of 581 points, took Top Puppy Dog, winning the Leiborschy Tankard, and then Top Puppy of the year, allowing Belatarr to retain the Leiborschy Flask that Phoenix won for us last year. In the process Mingus also set a new record for the highest score ever attained by a UK HWV show puppy. Needless to say we were brimming over with pride at our boys amazing achievements – what a day to remember!!

The two award certificates and more 1st's!

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Quelle Horreur!

So today we rolled up to the double-whammy Birmingham championship Show and combined HWV Association Show feeling quite good about our prospects as well as greatly looking forward to meeting up with Phoenix’s Mother (Flo) and sister (Dolly) together with her breeders Jane & David, all for the first time since the big litter reunion back in May. OK so we’d had to get up at 5.00am on a Sunday, and ate breakfast out of Tupperware in a car park overlooking a rancid sheep shed, but we were, nevertheless, excited about plunging into a sea of 62 HWVs: all copper waves and russet ripples.

We’d taken a couple of radical steps beforehand: 1. no training for a week – the theory being that Phoenix would be effervescing and overflowing with puppy bounce and take to the ring “like she owns it” as “they” say. Secondly, following some experiments in pre-show warm-ups we thought that it would be a good idea to get the li’l lady all gee-d up prior to showing by taking her out for a play and a romp, and then – through the miracle of mobile telephony – simply swish into the auditorium just before she was due to go into the ring. This way she wouldn’t peak before she freaked. We knew it was a gamble but “chance is all we’re given/So chances we must take” as Sir Cliff would apparently put it…

HWVA Show - stacked.

HWVA Show - stacked.

All started well in the morning with everything more or less going to plan. Phoenix trotted round the ring faster and with more determination than the other puppies – like Naomi Campbell with a beard – but just as Naomi took a dive on those ten inch Vivienne Westwood shoes in 1993, so it was with Phoenix. At the very moment when the judge was doing her final comparisons and deciding between Phoenix and another pup for first and second places, Phoenix broke right out of her stand.  So we got second place, which was pretty respectable, but left us considering what might have been had she only held that stand.

The judges critique was:

Nine-month-old well-balanced youngster with deep russet colouring and wiry coat. Liked her head which had sufficient facial furnishings for age. Good hind angulation. Moved Well. Should change places with (1st placed puppy) many times.”

HWVA Show - the examination.

HWVA Show - the examination.

Birmingham Champ Show - stacked.

Birmingham Champ Show - stacked.

In the afternoon we were showing at the prestigious Birmingham Championship Show. This was the second show on the same day, and although it was in another part of the same venue, poor Phoenix was pretty tired out, mentally, and really not tuned in to the show at all. She’d had a snooze in the car for an hour or so but it clearly wasn’t enough. She moved very sluggishly and wouldn’t stand with any conviction. She just wanted her bed or to be doing something more rumbustuous and exciting like playing with her sister…. which is exactly what she did after the show and seemed very happy to do so.

Birmingham Champ Show - the examination.

Birmingham Champ Show - the examination.

We were awarded Reserve Best Puppy Bitch – which is a euphemism for fourth, and, in this case, last.  After so many recent successes in the ring it was perhaps inevitable that we’d come a cropper at some point, but it has taught us a valuable lesson about Team Phoenix’s tolerance for long show days. From this day forth this disappointing effort will be referred to as our Naomi ’93 moment…

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