Quelle Horreur!

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So today we rolled up to the double-whammy Birmingham championship Show and combined HWV Association Show feeling quite good about our prospects as well as greatly looking forward to meeting up with Phoenix’s Mother (Flo) and sister (Dolly) together with her breeders Jane & David, all for the first time since the big litter reunion back in May. OK so we’d had to get up at 5.00am on a Sunday, and ate breakfast out of Tupperware in a car park overlooking a rancid sheep shed, but we were, nevertheless, excited about plunging into a sea of 62 HWVs: all copper waves and russet ripples.

We’d taken a couple of radical steps beforehand: 1. no training for a week – the theory being that Phoenix would be effervescing and overflowing with puppy bounce and take to the ring “like she owns it” as “they” say. Secondly, following some experiments in pre-show warm-ups we thought that it would be a good idea to get the li’l lady all gee-d up prior to showing by taking her out for a play and a romp, and then – through the miracle of mobile telephony – simply swish into the auditorium just before she was due to go into the ring. This way she wouldn’t peak before she freaked. We knew it was a gamble but “chance is all we’re given/So chances we must take” as Sir Cliff would apparently put it…

HWVA Show - stacked.

HWVA Show - stacked.

All started well in the morning with everything more or less going to plan. Phoenix trotted round the ring faster and with more determination than the other puppies – like Naomi Campbell with a beard – but just as Naomi took a dive on those ten inch Vivienne Westwood shoes in 1993, so it was with Phoenix. At the very moment when the judge was doing her final comparisons and deciding between Phoenix and another pup for first and second places, Phoenix broke right out of her stand.  So we got second place, which was pretty respectable, but left us considering what might have been had she only held that stand.

The judges critique was:

Nine-month-old well-balanced youngster with deep russet colouring and wiry coat. Liked her head which had sufficient facial furnishings for age. Good hind angulation. Moved Well. Should change places with (1st placed puppy) many times.”

HWVA Show - the examination.

HWVA Show - the examination.

Birmingham Champ Show - stacked.

Birmingham Champ Show - stacked.

In the afternoon we were showing at the prestigious Birmingham Championship Show. This was the second show on the same day, and although it was in another part of the same venue, poor Phoenix was pretty tired out, mentally, and really not tuned in to the show at all. She’d had a snooze in the car for an hour or so but it clearly wasn’t enough. She moved very sluggishly and wouldn’t stand with any conviction. She just wanted her bed or to be doing something more rumbustuous and exciting like playing with her sister…. which is exactly what she did after the show and seemed very happy to do so.

Birmingham Champ Show - the examination.

Birmingham Champ Show - the examination.

We were awarded Reserve Best Puppy Bitch – which is a euphemism for fourth, and, in this case, last.  After so many recent successes in the ring it was perhaps inevitable that we’d come a cropper at some point, but it has taught us a valuable lesson about Team Phoenix’s tolerance for long show days. From this day forth this disappointing effort will be referred to as our Naomi ’93 moment…

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Result!! Farlap Portraits.

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