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The incredible ending to the 2018 show year secured us sufficient points to be awarded the OurDogs UK’s Top Breeder/Kennel for 2018.

This is the THIRD time that we have been privileged to win this incredibly prestigious award, having also achieved the win for 2014 and 2016. In so doing Belatarr becomes the first HWV kennel ever to be named Top UK Breeder for a third time.

At the same time our boy, Mingus, (Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM) was awarded Top HWV Stud Dog (OurDogs), this being the third time that Mingus has achieved this award, following similar wins in 2014 and 2016. Given that he has only ever sired two litters, this is a truly astonishing achievement and one unmatched by any other HWV dog.

Last, but most definitely not least, our Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr was awarded Top HWV Brood Bitch, also for the third time, and again, this is a record unmatched by another HWV.

Having tragically lost Phoenix earlier in 2018 this last award was particularly poignant and emotional and serves as an incredible tribute to our beautiful girl and the legacy that she left us all.

None of these wins would have been even remotely possible without the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of Irene and Jenny whose combined total of 8 Challenge Certificates for 2018 secured Belatarr the necessary points for all of the awards. A heartfelt thank you to you both ūüôā

Phoenix, in her watery element.


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Belatarr awarded Top HWV Kennel, Top Stud Dog & Top Brood Bitch for 2016

We are so delighted and proud to announce that:
– Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM has, for the second time, won top HWV Stud dog of 2016 (DogWorld/Royal Canin)
– Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr (below, left) has, also for the second time, won Top HWV Brood Bitch for 2016 (DogWorld/Eden)
– Belatarr has jointly won top UK HWV Kennel for 2016 in the OurDogs/Arden Grange Top Breeder Competition

At Championship shows in 2016 we achieved:

39 x Championship class wins
14 x Best of Sex
5 x Best of Breed
6 x CC’s
3 x Reserve CC’s (all won by Charlie Parker!)
2 x Show Champions made-up!

Huge thanks go to the judges and many friends in the breed and at the ringside who have helped make this year such a great joy, and especially to Jenny & Irene for achieving such amazing heights with their Belatarr babies, now Show Champions: Billie & Herc.

Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM - top HWV Stud Dog 2014 & 2016

Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM – top HWV Stud Dog 2014 & 2016


Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr - Top HWV Brood Bitch 2014 & 2016

Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr – Top HWV Brood Bitch 2014 & 2016


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Puppies have arrived!

Tuesday saw the arrival of our excitedly anticipated new generation of Belatarr babies as, right on schedule, Phoenix and Mingus’ second dozen were born.

The whole gang together

The whole gang together


Miss Orange was the first to arrive, at a very respectable 10:53AM, with 10 of her brothers and sisters duly following in quick succession and puppy number 11, Miss Lime, making her appearance at 15:15 that afternoon.

Miss Lime & Miss Orange.

Miss Lime & Miss Orange.

All of the births had been very quick and very easy, with just one or two contractions and then a new arrival. So far so good. However, after puppy number 11 things ground to a halt, although it was very evident that at least one more pup was still waiting to arrive. After a few hours of waiting and no signs of any further action we all decamped to the vets (11 puppies included) where two shots of oxytocin, a 15 min IV drip of liquid calcium, a vigorous walk up and down the road and 5 hours later puppy number 12, Miss Fawn, finally decided to put in an apperance, arriving (in the car boot) fashionably late to the party, but (despite our fears over the worryingly long wait) very fit, healthy and at a good weight.

Miss Pink takes centre stage.

Mr Red takes centre stage.

Now, some 48 hrs later, all 12 babies – 7 girls and 5 boys – are feeding very well and all are gaining weight at almost identical rates.

Random puppy pile-up.

Random puppy pile-up.

As with Phoenix’ first litter there are no tiddlers or weaklings amongst the bunch and all twelve are vigorous indeed! With mum having only 6 functional feeding stations we have, as before, divided the pups into two teams and feed them one team at a time, every two hours, night and day to ensure that everyone gets their share.

Team 1 take their turn.

Team 1 take their turn.

Whilst team 2 wait to be called into action.

Whilst team 2 wait to be called into action.

Phoenix herself has been a wonderfully attentive mother, as ever, but today she surprised us by deciding that she wanted to go out with the boys for a swim in the river and a quick hurtle around the land before thinking that she really should zip back up the hill to return to her offspring.

Mum forms a comfy resting spot for Miss Yellow.

Mum forms a comfy resting spot for Miss Yellow.


That’s the story so far.. .more pics follow below and watch this space for ongoing puppy antics and the ever-popular weekly puppy portraits too!

Mr Black and Mr Blue.

Mr Black and Mr Green.

Mr Blue hangs out his teeny-tiny ears.

Mr Blue hangs out his teeny-tiny ears.

Miss Purple.

Miss Purple.

Mr Bronze, who is so dark that his collar often looks as though it's disappeared...

Mr Bronze, who is so dark that his collar often looks as though it’s disappeared…

Mr Black, on the other hand, is the palest of the pups.

Mr Black, on the other hand, is the palest of the pups.

...and a good contortionist too!

…and a good contortionist too!

Miss Yellow.

Miss Yellow.

A snoozy heap.

A snoozy heap.

...and another.

…and another.

Everyone together once again.

Everyone together once again.










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Belatarr: The Next Generation

We’re delighted and excited to be able to announce that we have a forthcoming litter, confirmed yesterday by ultrasound:

Phoenix Scan 3


This snapshot shows a few of the pups as they are now, at 31 days gestation, only around 1cm in size and each sitting at the top of a gestational sac (the dark, circular areas on the image). Amazing to think that these small marble-sized embryos will have grown to the size of ¬†plump guinea-pigs in just another 4 weeks or so! We saw approx 7 or 8 pups, which is exactly the same result as our 2011 litter, which turned out to comprise 12 pups…

We have been absolutely delighted with the uniformly healthy, sound, happy and high quality pups from our 2011 litter and have been fortunate to be able to watch many of them regularly and at close hand as they have grown into the superb young dogs that they are today. Four of the pups from that litter have gone on to have great success in the show ring and several others of their brothers and sisters could undoubtedly have followed suit, so it was an easy decision to undertake a repeat mating, using Mingus as sire, when Phoenix was ready for her second litter.

After an initial mild panic when the progesterone testing lab that we were using had their machinery break down, resulting in a 3 day delay in getting Phoenix’ blood test results back (urghhhh!) we achieved 3 very easy matings, all with excellent ties, commencing on the same day in Phoenix’ season that her previous litter was conceived.

Phoenix’ due date is 23rd/24th July¬†and we are now able to take enquiries from show, pet and working homes, about this forthcoming litter. ¬†All puppy homes will be carefully selected to provide the best possible start in life for this next generation of Belatarr HWV‚Äôs.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on our puppy list or would like to discuss Belatarr dogs and life with this wonderful breed in more detail then please do contact Tim directly at:


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Belatarr Year-End Round-Up.

2012 has been quite a landmark year for us here at Belatarr – Mingus gained his first CC in May and then managed to break his toe just hours before the Welsh Kennel Club Championship, resulting in a long and worry-some convalescence which was only completed at the end of October.

Django’s handsome brother Milo came back to stay with us for 4 weeks in Nov/Dec and proved to by an absolutely delightful boy who immediately fitted in to the pack as if he’d always been here, whilst he and Django had endless daily fun and games together:

Birthday Trip 2012 Milo & Mingus

The family together -  Left to right - Milo, Django, Mingus & Phoenix.

The family together – Left to right – Milo, Django, Mingus & Phoenix.

Meanwhile our young pups have gone out and made their way in the world. Thanks to the sterling efforts of David & Jenny (with Charlie Parker) and Irene (with double-funster twins Billie & Gryphon) all four of the Belatarr show-pups qualified for Crufts, and all had significant wins at both Open and Champ Show level through the year.

The Midland Counties Championship was our last big get-together where a very substantial entry of Wires was present for breed expert Rachel Thompson to judge. We had a lovely, and highly successful show, with the Belatarr clan eventually achieving 1 x 3rd place, 3 x 2nd places and 1 x 1st place. This was Mingus’ comeback show,¬†following¬†his broken toe (and a¬†definitely-not-yet-ready-for-the-ring-again effort at Darlington!) and he took a highly¬†respectable¬†2nd in Open Dog, beaten only by this years Crufts Best of Breed, whilst Charlie won his large (8 entries) and highly¬†competitive¬†Junior Dog Class. Charlie’s excellent critique was a further source of pride for all concerned:

Pleasing well balanced yearling. Lovely head and expression with good furnishings. Clean neck into well assembled front. Lovely proportions in profile with strong rear. Topped off with a coat of good colour and texture. Covered his ground with ease.”

Charlie & Jenny in action.

Charlie & Jenny in action.

This great result proved to be just the start of a roll for Charlie, however. Just a few weeks later, at the Huntingdonshire Canine Society Open, he won 1st Junior AVNSC and then took best AVNSC, beating several top adult HWV’s, including one recent HWVA Best in Show winner along¬†the¬†way…not¬†content¬†with that victory he then went on to take Gundog Group 1, a phenomenal day,¬†especially¬†given that 12-month-old Charlie & his handler Jenny had never even been to a dog show just a few months earlier!

The show year finished on another high as Billie (Belatarr Mahalia Jackson) ¬†took 1st Open & Best of Breed under¬†Gavin Robertson at Yeovil & District Open on 3oth Dec. On the very same day Charlie was back in action too, this time at the two-day¬†Luton Canine Association Premier Show, where he was 1st Junior HWV and went on to take another Best of Breed, beating a large entry¬†including¬†the years’ top-scoring HWV puppy (now also in Junior) as well as the Open & Post-Grad HWV winners along the way. ¬†Fabulous work!

In Mid-November Django and sister Ruby (Belatarr Nina Simone) trekked over to Hampshire in order to be hip-scored. Their results came back a few weeks later and exactly matched each of their parents Р5/5 for Django, the same as Phoenix,  and 4/3 for Ruby, the same as Mingus. Django has had a pretty full-on and energetic puppyhood, which has perhaps resulted in a little additional wear & tear, but both scores are pleasingly under the breed average and represent the final test for the success of this litter.

A quick mention too of the Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla Club of Great Britain Breed Specific Seminar that Tim attended. Scheduled for the day after the Midland Counties Champ Show, and presided over by Crufts judge Lindsey Townsend, this proved to be a really excellent, well-organised and highly enjoyable day which attracted a very large attendance. The afternoon was dedicated to an exam and the writing of a highly detailed set of 5 (full-A4 page) critiques, and, a week later, Tim was delighted to learn that he had successfully passed the Seminar, nicely in time for his first confirmed HWV judging appointment.

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Another Happy Birthday!

Mingus at 3 years old headshot 2

Although it seems like only yesterday that Mingus was a little pup riding in a sling, he’s now three years old, a father of 12, of course, and a very intense fellow who takes his responsibilities as pack leader very seriously. When out-and-about Mingus is always scouting ahead with his head in the air, alert for possible dangers (and/or opportunities) whilst everyone else romps around having fun with sticks etc. Back at home Mingus remains¬†incredibly¬†affectionate as well as the most wonderfully co-operative and biddable dog we’ve ever had, whilst his beautiful coat and head¬†command¬†everyone’s attention wherever he goes – every day living with him is a absolute joy and¬†privilege.

Mingus at 3 years old

Happy Birthday Mingus!

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Mingus hits the big-time!

This last weekend saw Tim & crew set off on¬†the¬†950-mile round trip to the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show at the Royal Highland Showground on the outskirts of Edinburgh. ¬†Mingus was up against¬†the big boys in his first Champ Show Open class, presided over by breed expert Jonathan Parry. Despite being the¬†youngest¬†in the class Mingus well-and-truly rose to the¬†occasion, driving round the ring in great style, and we were absolutely thrilled when he was awarded 1st Open Dog – beating the Crufts 2012 Best of Breed, along with the only UK male¬†Champion¬†HWV plus the only male currently with 2 CC’s in¬†the¬†process.

Moments later things got even more exciting when Mingus was awarded Best Dog and won his first Challenge¬†Certificate – given to HWV’s at only 8 shows¬†each¬†year, these are the ultimate accolade in showing:

The CC means that Mingus is granted a Kennel Club Stud Book Number and an entry in the revered Stud Book, which in turn means that he is also now¬†qualified for Crufts for life and is one third of the way to becoming a champion, and all at just 2 years of age! We were delighted that his breeder Jacqui could also be at the show (en route to a working test with Mingus’ sister Love) to witness her baby all grown-up and hitting the big time in¬†the¬†show ring! We’re just so very proud of our¬†beautiful¬†boy.

Mingus back on home ground – wet and muddy in the garden.

A little later in the show Phoenix (who had most definitely never looked better Рmotherhood certainly becomes her!) also put in a great performance and qualified for Crufts 2013 at her first Champ Show for nearly a year, and also her first since her humongous litter of 12.

…and speaking of the Belatarr Twelve, Charlie Parker was the first of the baby boys to take to the ring, and went straight in at the deep end earlier in the month at the National Championship Show, where he thrilled Tim and also attracted a lot of other attention ring-side with his ultra-stylish and ultra-sound movement, not to mention his super-affectionate¬†personality and beautiful head.¬† Owners David & Jenny’s hard work and¬†dedication¬†certainly paid off when Charlie also qualified for Crufts at his (and their) very first show – cue excited squeals all round! Charlie took the whole thing in his stride and proved that he’s definitely made for the ring…his journey is only just beginning!

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Mingus Vs. Jaws…

The gang had a quick (drizzly) trip to Northam Beach today to enjoy the massive several-mile-deep expanse of sand exposed at low-tide. Mingus also caught a shark!! (albeit only a young Small Spotted Catshark¬†– a very common species in the waters around North Devon) which instantly became a very prized¬†possession….plus we managed to get a couple of nice head shots of him too, despite the extremely low light levels:

A Dog and his Shark.

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Puppy Portraits – The Final Week!

Where has the time gone?? This is the last week for the Belatarr babies before most head to their new homes and start their lives away from the pack. Sadly the¬†appalling¬†weather (incredibly¬†low-light levels, freezing temps, endless hail sleet & rain) meant that the final week head-shots were very tricky to get, and not very high quality and very washed-out when we did get them, with pups (and us) shivering and looking rather glum in¬†the¬†driving sleet…but at least we have something to represent them as they were at 7 weeks old and before they all change once again into mature young dogs.

So, dozens of refuse bags full of soiled bedding, weeks of missed sleep, much cuddling and hundreds of chicken wings later, these are Phoenix and Mingus’ dozen, all now with their Kennel Names (Jazz themed, to follow on from Mingus) just before they leave us:

THE BOYS (minus one)

Belatarr Art Tatum (Finley)

Belatarr Charlie Parker

Belatarr Dave Brubeck (Otto)

Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie (Gryphon)

Belatarr John Coltrane (Otis)

Belatarr Miles Davis (Huxley)

Belatarr Oscar Peterson (Digby)

Belatarr Thelonius Monk

(pic forthcoming…)


Belatarr Ella Fitzgerald (Ella)

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson (Billie)

Belatarr Nina Simone (Nina)

Final Week Shots from the Dog Sofa (whilst Mum & Dad are out for a walk)

A Snoozy Ella Fitzgerald, with her fabulous (fathers) coat.

...nearly asleep...

Under scrutiny.

A very intense Thelonius Monk.

Adam & friends.

Puppy Pile-up.

Twin-Level Puppy Pile-up.

Complete take-over.

Tim & co.


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We’re¬†absolutely¬†thrilled to be able to announce the arrival of 12 (yes, you read that right, 12!) bouncing bonny Belatarr babies – 3 girls and 9 boys ūüôā


Temperature monitoring suggested that Phoenix would deliver her pups on Sat eve or Sunday morning, and so it proved, with¬†the¬†first arrival showing up after one single contraction at 17:53 on Saturday evening. 3 more pups followed quite quickly, and then Phoenix decided it was all over and went into a kind of happy, grinning rest phase, as if to say “Aren’t I clever – look what I’ve done!” we knew that there were more puppy travellers waiting in¬†the¬†departure lounge, though, so after 2 and a half hours of¬†inaction¬†we all zipped off to the vets for a shot of oxytocin to speed things along.

Clever mum.

Everyone home safe and sound.

Puppy number 5 duly arrived at 22:50, and another 7 followed, with the final baby appearing at 01:49 on Sunday morning. Just to add to the fun, these last 8 were all born in the boot of the car, parked up at the veterinary hospital, with Tim as midwife and Adam and the vet zipping back and forth with supplies (clean towels, cups of tea Рthe essentials!)

Big pile of snooze.

With a litter as large as this you might expect a few weaklings amongst the bunch, but all 12 of the Baby Belatarr’s arrived kicking, and (quite literally) squeaking with vigour. They were all born at a good weight too, with relatively¬†little¬†variance¬†between them. All drew breath within seconds and all were suckling within a few mins. Before announcing the news “officially” we’ve been anxiously waiting these last few days to make sure that all 12 were gaining weight nicely, and were developing as they should, and we’re delighted to say that they are all currently going from¬†strength¬†to strength, day by day.

All part of the snooze/eat/snooze/eat continuum.

Once they had all arrived, then¬†the¬†fun really began…with a litter of this size (and only 6 decent teats to feed from) ¬†we have, from a few hours after the final birth, had to split the pups into two teams, and feed each team¬†separately¬†to ensure that everyone gets a good meal and that the bigger boys don’t muscle out the smaller girls. This we do every 2 to 3 hours, day and night, so sleep has become something of a fond and distant memory, but who needs sleep when there are puppies on board…

Team 1 hard at work.

Team 2 waiting to be called into action.

Phoenix is a quite wonderful, utterly attentive and completely devoted mother, answering her babies every squeak (of which there can be quite a chorus!) ¬†and absolutely fastidious about keeping them all clean and content. ¬†She was very¬†anxious¬†to be with them 24/7 for¬†the¬†first few days, but as of yesterday, has decided she also wants to come out for¬†occasional¬†short walks in the autumn sunshine with Mingus, and it’s wonderful to see her trotting around having fun again before deciding that she needs to head back to check on¬†the¬†gang indoors.

That’s the story so far…watch this space for regular updates.

It's all exhausting work.

Mr Red, the first born, blissed out.

Mr. Red again, with his (probably temporary) tiny white head-spot.

Mr yellow-and-black, impersonating a baby bat.

Mr Green takes a nap.

The Milkbar is open for business.


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