Belatarr: The Next Generation

25/06/2013 at 12:33 2 comments

We’re delighted and excited to be able to announce that we have a forthcoming litter, confirmed yesterday by ultrasound:

Phoenix Scan 3


This snapshot shows a few of the pups as they are now, at 31 days gestation, only around 1cm in size and each sitting at the top of a gestational sac (the dark, circular areas on the image). Amazing to think that these small marble-sized embryos will have grown to the size of  plump guinea-pigs in just another 4 weeks or so! We saw approx 7 or 8 pups, which is exactly the same result as our 2011 litter, which turned out to comprise 12 pups…

We have been absolutely delighted with the uniformly healthy, sound, happy and high quality pups from our 2011 litter and have been fortunate to be able to watch many of them regularly and at close hand as they have grown into the superb young dogs that they are today. Four of the pups from that litter have gone on to have great success in the show ring and several others of their brothers and sisters could undoubtedly have followed suit, so it was an easy decision to undertake a repeat mating, using Mingus as sire, when Phoenix was ready for her second litter.

After an initial mild panic when the progesterone testing lab that we were using had their machinery break down, resulting in a 3 day delay in getting Phoenix’ blood test results back (urghhhh!) we achieved 3 very easy matings, all with excellent ties, commencing on the same day in Phoenix’ season that her previous litter was conceived.

Phoenix’ due date is 23rd/24th July and we are now able to take enquiries from show, pet and working homes, about this forthcoming litter.  All puppy homes will be carefully selected to provide the best possible start in life for this next generation of Belatarr HWV’s.

If you would like to be considered for inclusion on our puppy list or would like to discuss Belatarr dogs and life with this wonderful breed in more detail then please do contact Tim directly at:


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Belatarr Babies in the ring. Windsor Win

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  • 1. Irene Collier  |  25/06/2013 at 12:50

    plump guinea-pigs! what a lovely description. I’m beginning to suffer severe puppy withdrawal symptoms, been looking through the “old photos”! Congratulations to all.

  • 2. weena  |  25/06/2013 at 20:33

    How exciting! Where are you located?


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