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Belatarr Reunion.


Group pic

This last weekend saw the gathering of the clan as we hosted our 3rd Belatarr reunion. After weeks of daily rain we were incredibly lucky and blessed with unbroken summer sunshine for the entire afternoon. ¬†20 Belatarr Wires were present, together with special guests Oz and Bertie the Labs, Molly the Golden and teeny-tiny Frankie the “Shorkie”. Needless to say much wiry romping in and out of the river and around the garden ensued and it was wonderful, as ever, to see our babies all grown-up and very much enjoying life to the full!

Many many thanks to everyone who came to the day and who braved the holiday traffic travelling back and forth to us in Devon – we couldn’t do it without you all – and particular thanks to Sarah for fulfilling the role of official photographer for the day and for supplying all of these great pics. ūüôā

Mama Phoenix in full flight!

Mama Phoenix in full flight!





















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Belatarr at Bournemouth.

A super day for the Belatarr babies at the Bournemouth Championship Show… The heat was often stifling, but 4 Belatarr dogs from 3 generations of Phoenix’ puppies took to the ring today, and judge and breed specialist Karen Richardson did us proud.

Billie stacked in Open Bitch.

Billie stacked in Open Bitch.

Billie's examination - (camera facing straight into the sun, unfortunately!)

Billie’s examination – (camera facing straight into the sun, unfortunately!)

Belatarr Mahalia Jackson ShCM (Billie) was awarded 1st Open Bitch and went on to take Best Bitch, as she had previously done at the same show in 2014.

Her younger brother Belatarr Scluptor (Kofi) was 1st Post Graduate Dog and went on to take at excellent Reserve Best Dog, whilst, very excitingly, it was also the show debut of two of the newest generation of Belatarr puppies – the Hitchcock litter – as Belatarr North By Northwest (North) and his brother Belatarr Vertigo (Sabi) took to the ring at just 6 months and 2 days of age. Both boys looked terrific and though the heat made concentration and focusing very difficult indeed for them, they both acquitted themselves very well and both managed to qualify for Crufts 2016. Thrilled to have been there to see (and, in Sabi’s case, move) them in the ring ūüôā

Belatarr Vertogo (Sabi) - a hot pup!

Belatarr Vertigo (Sabi) – a hot pup!

Sabi on the move in the ring.

Sabi on the move in the ring.

A very hot North on the move in the ring.

A very hot North on the move in the ring.

North movement 1

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Puppy Portraits: Week 6.

Last week’s drab and damp weather has given way to a wonderful week of Spring sunshine and the pups have been enjoying being outside every single day this week, where they have experienced tractors and low-flying aircraft and watched¬†pigeons and numerous other birds (and cats) come and go about their Springtime routines.

The gang sunbathing in their outdoor run.

The gang sunbathing in their outdoor run.

Monday saw their first attempt at tackling raw chicken wings Рan essential step towards the chewing and chomping or raw bones that will mark their adult lives.

Mr Bronze gets stuck into some serious chicken-wing chomping.

Mr Bronze gets stuck into some serious chicken-wing chomping.

The pups (and their now needle-sharp teeth) took to them with huge enthusiasm and quite a bit of curiosity, excited at the prospect, yet unskilled at how to tackle such a large prey item.¬†Approx.¬†60 mins later they had figured out what¬†to do and all meat had been stripped and consumed and all bones had been cracked and (mostly) swallowed. Time, then, for a long and satisfied snooze for all of the babies. By the end of the week, though, they had all grown considerably more savvy at tackling their new foodstuff, and today’s wings were dispatched within about 15 mins or so.

After many, many hours of watching, stacking and photographing these babies we can also now reveal their new, Kennel Club identities and formally introduce the Belatarr Hitchcock litter:


Mr Black - not his most dignified pose.

Mr Black – Belatarr Secret Agent.

Mr Blue.

Mr Blue – Belatarr Notorious.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Bronze – Belatarr Vertigo.

Mr Red.

Mr Red – Belatarr North By Northwest.


Miss Green.

Miss Green – Belatarr To Catch a Thief.

Miss Mint.

Miss Mint – Belatarr Thirtynine Steps.

Miss Orange.

Miss Orange – Belatarr Topaz

Miss Pink.

Miss Pink – Belatarr Rebecca.

Miss Purple.

Miss Purple – Belatarr Marnie.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Yellow – Belatarr Jamaica Inn.

It's tiring work being 6 weeks old.

It’s tiring work being 6 weeks old.

Brother and sister - Mr Blue & Miss Mint.

Brother and sister – Belatarr Notorious & Belatarr Thirtynine Steps

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Puppy Portraits – week 4.

The last two days have seen some wonderful Spring sunshine arrive in Devon allowing us to get the pups outside to experience the big wide world for the first time. The thermometer showed 70 degrees F in the sunshine and the pups were able to spend 4 hours in the fresh air on two successive afternoons. Sadly the forthcoming weather forecast suggests that they may not have another opportunity to get outdoors again for the foreseeable future, but we were just delighted to see them frolic in the fresh air and were also able to take this weeks portraits outside too.


Mr Black.

Mr Black.

Mr Blue.

Mr Blue.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Bronze, again.

Mr Red.

Mr Red.


Miss Green.

Miss Green (sleepy!)

Miss Mint.

Miss Mint.

Miss Orange.

Miss Orange.

Miss Pink.

Miss Pink.

Miss Purple.

Miss Purple.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Yellow.

The gang get their first taste of the outdoors!

The gang get their first taste of the outdoors!

Mr Bronze naps

Mr Bronze takes a nap in the sunshine.

...and has a snoozy snuggle.

…and has a snoozy snuggle.

When indoors and out the pups love nothing more than to pile into one or other of their cat-carrier dens, which have been equally enjoyed by all of their older brothers and sisters before them.

The gang pile into their micro-den.

The gang pile into their micro-den (note the chew marks from previous pup inhabitants!)

For the last week we have also been weaning the pups onto their solid food diet. Starting with Royal Canin weaning mousse the kids went absolutely nuts with excitement at their first sniff of the solid stuff and within a few days were lapping very efficiently. From mid-week they were old and tidy enough to be fed from their super-duper Weena-Feeder and by this weekend they have been transferred onto their raw food diet – essentially the same as their mum eats, but put through a food processor to remove all of the chunks and lumps.


Meanwhile teeth are erupting and everyone wants to chew everything, so new rubber chew toys and plastic bottles are going down a treat, when human arms, toes and ears are not available. Their nails are still being filed regularly too, and, when they are sleepy enough, each pup can be gently wiggled upside-down on your lap whilst having their teeny-tiny toes attended to, as beautifully illustrated below by a gently snoozing Mr Blue.

Mr Blue gets his nails filed

Mr Blue gets his nails filed


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The Belatarr reunion 2014.

An overcast but just-about-dry day greeted us all in the garden here at Belatarr HQ for our second Belatarr reunion. The wonderful turn-out included sixteen  Belatarr babies along with their mum, Phoenix and Dad, Mingus, together with Copper the HWV and Oz the Lab.

Much splashy/hurtling/chasing mayhem ensued and all the dogs seemed to have a thoroughly good time exploring the river and the garden with one another. It was a wonderful day and we were, as ever, immensely proud of what beautiful and happy young dogs they have all grown into.

Many thanks to all who attended, and particularly to Sarah, Kathy & Vivien for sharing some of your photos of the day…mind you, getting all of the dogs (or even a large proportion of them!) together for a photograph or two proved a trickier prospect!

Sarah 8


Sarah new

Sarah 5

Sarah 6

Sarah 10

Sarah 3

Sarah 4

Sarah 7



Sarah 9


Sarah 12

Sarah 13

Sarah 14

Sarah 15

Sarah 16



Belatarr Noctua (Kaia)

Belatarr Noctua (Kaia)

Her older sister, Belatarr Nina Simone (Ruby)

Her older sister, Belatarr Nina Simone (Ruby)

and Dad, Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM (Mingus)

and Dad, Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM (Mingus)

Some of those who attended...take 1

Some of those who attended…take 1

...and a slightly more organised, take 2.

…and a slightly more organised, take 2.


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National Gundog Championship

A lovely bright and breezy day greeted exhibitors at this years National Gundog and the Belatarr clan also got off to a great start with Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie & his sister Belatarr Mahalia Jackson beating a huge entry of 30 pairs in the brace class to claim their first ever Championship Gundog Brace 1st place under judge Colin (Jock) McKay.

The brace win!

That brace win –¬†photo by Alan V Walker.

There was also a lovely breed entry of 78 for HWV specialist Chris Guest, the third highest entry of the year after Crufts and the HWVA Championship. At a few days over 12 months Belatarr Sculptor (Kofi) stepped out into his first ever Junior Class and was awarded an excellent 2nd place, whilst his big sister, Belatarr Mahalia Jackson (Billie) was also awarded 2nd in an extremely competitive Open Bitch class, and then excitingly went on to be awarded the Reserve Bitch CC – her second RCC in a row.

Billie at National Gundog.

Billie at National Gundog.

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Beltarr Lyra at 5 months.

Lyra, stacked at 5 months.

Lyra, stacked at 5 months.

Our cheeky little monkey is coming along very nicely, brimming with personality and confidence she also seems to combine the flashiness and movement of her brother Django with her father Mingus’ full-body covering harsh red coat, exactly what we were hoping for!

Now 5 months old Lyra is stacked here at the exact location that we photographed Dad and big brother when they too were 5 months old. She feels very much the baby still, so it’s hard to believe that she’ll be stepping out into the ring for the first time in only a few more weeks…

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Django’s big win.

Following on from his brother Gryphon’s big result last weekend Django stepped up a gear today at the Plymouth & District Kennel Association Show ¬†where he won a large class in HWV Open and topped an all-Belatarr top 3 – with Brother Gryphon (Belatarr Dizzy Gillespie) 2nd and sister Belatarr Mahalia Jackson 3rd – before taking Best of Breed. ¬†This was Django’s 13th Best of Breed out of his last 15 shows, which is a pretty good score rate by any reckoning!

In a tough 17 strong line-up featuring many top dogs he then he went on to beat them all and be awarded a wonderful Gundog Group 1 (Best Gundog in Show) under judge Jane Lilley, prompting her to remark that “he does something to my heart” which was a lovely comment to hear. ¬†Her equally super critique was:

Such a very high quality entry which, I was delighted to see, resulted in three siblings taking the first three spots. 1st Belatarr Django Reinhardt well balanced handsome and masculine, so good for make, shape, size and type. Here was quality combined with the best of construction and movement with excellent topline and tailset. A happy showman beautifully presented in hard condition and well textured coat. So very sound and effortless on the move, he looked as if he could go on all day with no trouble at all. Most impressive & should be even more so when fully mature. BOB G1

Django's Plymouth awards.

Django’s Plymouth awards.

We took the gang out to the beach for a celebratory romp this morning and took the opportunity to capture a few new  Django head-shots at the same time Рvery wet & very sandy Рjust the way he likes it!.

Django at 2 years old 1

Django at 2 years old 2

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Another Happy Birthday!

Mingus at 3 years old headshot 2

Although it seems like only yesterday that Mingus was a little pup riding in a sling, he’s now three years old, a father of 12, of course, and a very intense fellow who takes his responsibilities as pack leader very seriously. When out-and-about Mingus is always scouting ahead with his head in the air, alert for possible dangers (and/or opportunities) whilst everyone else romps around having fun with sticks etc. Back at home Mingus remains¬†incredibly¬†affectionate as well as the most wonderfully co-operative and biddable dog we’ve ever had, whilst his beautiful coat and head¬†command¬†everyone’s attention wherever he goes – every day living with him is a absolute joy and¬†privilege.

Mingus at 3 years old

Happy Birthday Mingus!

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Belatarr Litter Reunion Mega-Post!

A few weekends ago we had a very exciting not-quite-Birthday-Party day for the Belatarr babies, and 9 of the 12 pups (all minus Charlie, who was on hols in France, Ella, who was in season & Otis, who was working) returned back here to their birthplace for a wonderful reunion afternoon.

The Wire Gods were definitely smiling on us all that day since we somehow managed to stage it on what was the only sunny & dry day that we’d had for weeks, and, indeed it feels like it’s been raining non-stop ever since then too…

Cakes & snacks were eaten (by humans… and very probably by puppies too), everybody had a good chance to compare puppy notes and catch up on wire-chat, and, most importantly, ¬†much highly excited puppy play was undertaken (on land and in water) as a whirlwind of bouncing, swimming, chewing and hurtling was unleashed!

For us it was also quite wonderful and a source a great pride to see the boys & girls back together and all now grown-up into such beautiful, confident and happy young dogs. We were struck by how lucky we were to have found such lovely and loving homes for this first Belatarr generation Рand huge thanks, once again, to everyone for bringing their pups to the reunion.

Tim’s camera unfortunately managed to conk out early on in the proceedings, so we are extremely grateful to Marcus & to Emma (thanks guys!) for kindly both sending on their many pics of¬†the¬†day, some of which are included here.

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