Puppy Portraits: Week 6.

23/03/2015 at 00:08 1 comment

Last week’s drab and damp weather has given way to a wonderful week of Spring sunshine and the pups have been enjoying being outside every single day this week, where they have experienced tractors and low-flying aircraft and watched pigeons and numerous other birds (and cats) come and go about their Springtime routines.

The gang sunbathing in their outdoor run.

The gang sunbathing in their outdoor run.

Monday saw their first attempt at tackling raw chicken wings – an essential step towards the chewing and chomping or raw bones that will mark their adult lives.

Mr Bronze gets stuck into some serious chicken-wing chomping.

Mr Bronze gets stuck into some serious chicken-wing chomping.

The pups (and their now needle-sharp teeth) took to them with huge enthusiasm and quite a bit of curiosity, excited at the prospect, yet unskilled at how to tackle such a large prey item. Approx. 60 mins later they had figured out what to do and all meat had been stripped and consumed and all bones had been cracked and (mostly) swallowed. Time, then, for a long and satisfied snooze for all of the babies. By the end of the week, though, they had all grown considerably more savvy at tackling their new foodstuff, and today’s wings were dispatched within about 15 mins or so.

After many, many hours of watching, stacking and photographing these babies we can also now reveal their new, Kennel Club identities and formally introduce the Belatarr Hitchcock litter:


Mr Black - not his most dignified pose.

Mr Black – Belatarr Secret Agent.

Mr Blue.

Mr Blue – Belatarr Notorious.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Bronze – Belatarr Vertigo.

Mr Red.

Mr Red – Belatarr North By Northwest.


Miss Green.

Miss Green – Belatarr To Catch a Thief.

Miss Mint.

Miss Mint – Belatarr Thirtynine Steps.

Miss Orange.

Miss Orange – Belatarr Topaz

Miss Pink.

Miss Pink – Belatarr Rebecca.

Miss Purple.

Miss Purple – Belatarr Marnie.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Yellow – Belatarr Jamaica Inn.

It's tiring work being 6 weeks old.

It’s tiring work being 6 weeks old.

Brother and sister - Mr Blue & Miss Mint.

Brother and sister – Belatarr Notorious & Belatarr Thirtynine Steps

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  • 1. Peg Roginski  |  23/03/2015 at 15:14

    beautiful babies!


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