The Joy of Chicken Wings…

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Meeting Indi.

Meeting Indi.

This was the day that Phoenix met Indigo – Tim’s mother’s blue rescue Greyhound – as well as Tim’s mother herself! Phoenix was fantastically excited and tried to goad Indi into playing with her,  sadly to no avail. Indi was very patient and long suffering as Phoenix romped all over her and it became a valuable early lesson in canine etiquette for the eager pup…

Phoenix flipped into seeing the outdoors as an adventure playground full of untold pleasures and sensory delights today, no longer afraid of the space around her.

Phoenix woke twice in the night and we took her out to go to the loo. Otherwise sleeping through to 7.00am without any problems. She’s sleeping in the bedroom with us (in her own crate, we’re not that soft) and finds the sound of our breathing comforting.

We started to introduce the raw diet to Phoenix today. She had her first chicken wing in the evening which she found to be the most  exciting thing  she had ever encountered. She was thrilled with it and demolished it over 25 minutes looking very pleased with herself as a result.

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