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Heeling on the Common

Heeling on the Common

Phoenix is eleven weeks old today. It’s quite hard to get your head around the fact she’s only been on the earth for less than three months. It feels like she’s been with us forever (in a good way – well,  mostly!).

Perhaps even more importantly,  Phoenix is now allowed on the ground and can socialise with other dogs. Something that both we and she were desperately keen to get started with in order to desensitise her to other dogs, and learn that not every dog is an exciting puppy-like playmate (although some still will be, which is always a bonus in life).

With this in mind,  after following the usual morning routine of clicker training and heel walking at home, we headed out for Torrington Common to see what canine introductions we could rustle up for the little’un.

To begin with, Phoenix was excited but “contained” and walked very closely with us without too much prompting.  She met an extremely playful Malamute with whom she had a great romp for five minutes or so.  Next up was a grumpy collie who also taught her a crucial lesson about canine etiquette (i.e. not all dogs are puppies and not everyone wants to play). 😦

More Healing on the Common,

More Heeling on the Common,

Finally, amongst a rather sparse showing, were a pair of Chows who despite their reputation as being the dogs most likely to eat their owners*, turned out to be relatively friendly and of course extremely fluffy. Everyone enjoyed a good sniffing session. Later in the day we went back and met eight dogs who gave Phoenix a kaleidoscope of different reactions from gentle playful Clumber Spaniels to a snarly Black Labrador who we gave a wide berth.

Yet More Healing on the Common.

Yet More Heeling on the Common.

Overall, a pretty intensive day for Phoenix but mission was definitely accomplished in terms of canine socialisation V.1

*this was quoted in an episode of Pushing Daisies and is of course untrue.

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