Bee Bee See.

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Now, that much of the “testing” early puppy period is starting to fade into memory, albeit heavily blogged memory, we are now entering the stable period of our life with Phoenix. Of course the term stable is a relative one compared to say, mud slides in Latin America or erupting volcanoes in Japan, but the upshot of this is that the only things we have to report at the moment can really be filed under: “cavalcade of whimsy“….

…Phoenix inadvertently discovered bees recently, when our neighbour Eric took Tim and her for a trip around his apiary. One bee stung Phoenix on the ear and she sat down on the ground unsure of what had happened and emitting a very faint whimper. A second sting followed, and then it really kicked off and Tim, Eric and Phoenix headed rapidly for cover. Interesting fact alert: did you know that if one bee stings you it instantly communicates to all the others  in the hive via pheromones and they all come a-hurtling ready to lay down their bee lives in defense of the colony. No, neither did we, until all parties (minus the grumpy bees obviously) barricaded themselves into Eric’s house pending the return of calm.

Meanwhile, there was an anxious moment or two wondering if we’d have to rush Phoenix off to the Vet Hospital as we didn’t know if she would have an anaphalactic reaction to the bee stings.  This, thankfully, was not the case and essentially she barely noticed what had happened and had a “what’s all the fuss about?” look on her face during the inevitable faffing and panicking going on around her.

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