Puppies – Week 1.

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It’s been a hectic round of feeding and sleeping…and feeding and sleeping…for the 12 new Belatarr arrivals, and now, at the heady age of 1 week, they are all close to doubling their birth weights and are fighting fit and healthy little squeaking ginger sausages.

The whole gang together.

As is our tradition, we will be posting weekly head-shots of each of the puppies and, in alphabetic order, these are the first entries into their portrait galleries:


Mr Black.


Mr Blue.


Mr Bronze.


Mr Green.


Mr Red.


Miss Fawn.


Miss Lime.


Miss Orange.


Miss Pink.


Miss Purple.


Miss White.


Miss Yellow.


and some further general cuteness….

Miss Fawn rests on mum.


Mr Green & Miss Purple enjoy a snuggle.


Miss White – it’s an exhausting business being 7 days old.


Elegant pose 1 – Mr Black gets in early practice for the favoured pose of most HWV adults.


…as does Miss Pink.


….and Miss Yellow.

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…and then there were Twelve! Belatarr Boys score at the HWVA Championship.

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