…and then there were Twelve!

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We are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce the safe arrival of Lyra’s litter of 12 beautiful puppies, 7 girls and 5 boys who joined us in the early hours of Tuesday, 4th April. Lyra is, as expected, proving to be the most devoted mother imaginable, but still hasn’t lost her own sense of playfulness and joy – just 24hrs after giving birth she was once again excitedly running around with big sticks in the river on a quick break from mothering duties.

As with all of our previous litters the large number of puppies necessitates splitting them into two teams and letting one team feed whilst the other snoozes together under the heat lamp. The teams are then switched round every 90 mins or so, night and day, ensuring that everyone gets an even amount of milk, so much work and disrupted sleep lies ahead!

First born, newly arrived Mr Red tucks into his first meal.


Half-way home – the first 6 have arrived and will go on to become team 1.


and all twelve are safely with us.


Mr Blue snoozes on his sister.


Bat-eared baby girls.


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Forthcoming Litter (Belatarr: the Next Generation) Puppies – Week 1.

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