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The incredible ending to the 2018 show year secured us sufficient points to be awarded the OurDogs UK’s Top Breeder/Kennel for 2018.

This is the THIRD time that we have been privileged to win this incredibly prestigious award, having also achieved the win for 2014 and 2016. In so doing Belatarr becomes the first HWV kennel ever to be named Top UK Breeder for a third time.

At the same time our boy, Mingus, (Morehay Lars of Belatarr ShCM) was awarded Top HWV Stud Dog (OurDogs), this being the third time that Mingus has achieved this award, following similar wins in 2014 and 2016. Given that he has only ever sired two litters, this is a truly astonishing achievement and one unmatched by any other HWV dog.

Last, but most definitely not least, our Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr was awarded Top HWV Brood Bitch, also for the third time, and again, this is a record unmatched by another HWV.

Having tragically lost Phoenix earlier in 2018 this last award was particularly poignant and emotional and serves as an incredible tribute to our beautiful girl and the legacy that she left us all.

None of these wins would have been even remotely possible without the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm of Irene and Jenny whose combined total of 8 Challenge Certificates for 2018 secured Belatarr the necessary points for all of the awards. A heartfelt thank you to you both 🙂

Phoenix, in her watery element.


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With great sadness, I have to report that we have lost our beloved Phoenix (Tarndair Phoenix of Belatarr). She was our first HWV, the foundation of the Belatarr Kennel and she completely revolutionised our lives.

Phoenix was the HWVA’s top show puppy for 2010 and the UK’s top HWV brood bitch for 2014 and 2016. The mother of many beautiful Belatarr pups, including Show Champions Belatarr Mahalia Jackson & Belatarr Hercules, as well as a record five Show Certificate of Merits.

She was also a massive character, eternally loving and a true eccentric who never failed to bring a smile to the faces of everyone who met her, along with being the most devoted mother and grandmother imaginable – she continually mothered us and rest of her family every day!

We did not think to lose her so soon and her loss has left a massive hole in our hearts and in our household. We laid her to rest under the trees beside our river that she loved so very much. It was a beautiful warm Spring evening, the air was filled with birdsong, the scent of witch-hazel and the sound of the river. As we watched the sunset across our valley our thoughts were filled with the immense joy that she brought into our lives and those of all the families of her puppies…


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Belatarr Reunion.


Group pic

This last weekend saw the gathering of the clan as we hosted our 3rd Belatarr reunion. After weeks of daily rain we were incredibly lucky and blessed with unbroken summer sunshine for the entire afternoon.  20 Belatarr Wires were present, together with special guests Oz and Bertie the Labs, Molly the Golden and teeny-tiny Frankie the “Shorkie”. Needless to say much wiry romping in and out of the river and around the garden ensued and it was wonderful, as ever, to see our babies all grown-up and very much enjoying life to the full!

Many many thanks to everyone who came to the day and who braved the holiday traffic travelling back and forth to us in Devon – we couldn’t do it without you all – and particular thanks to Sarah for fulfilling the role of official photographer for the day and for supplying all of these great pics. 🙂

Mama Phoenix in full flight!

Mama Phoenix in full flight!





















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North – Top Puppy of the year.

Young Belatarr North by Northwest had a tremendously successful first year in the show ring, the highlight of which was undoubtedly his Puppy Group 2 placing at the South Wales Kennel Association Championship.

We were absolutely delighted to hear this week that North is the HWVA top scoring Dog Puppy of 2015, winning the Leiborschy Tankard, and, like his mother Phoenix before him, he was also awarded Top Show Puppy of the year for 2015, wining him the Leiborschy Flask at the HWVA Annual Awards.

North and Billie's annual awards together with North's two trophies.

North and Billie’s annual awards together with North’s two trophies.

Billie was also 2nd highest scoring show bitch of 2015, with her brother Charlie 3rd highest scoring show dog of the year – great acknowledgment for everyone’s hard work and top results through the year!

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Puppy Portraits – The Final Week!

A very big, exciting and emotional time this week as the pups leave us to begin their new lives in their new homes. All ten have already grown into very confident and outgoing youngsters – definitely no shrinking violets amongst them! – and we cannot wait to watch them grow and develop into beautiful adult dogs and bring much pleasure and delight to their new families. So, without further ado, and in alphabetical order…


Belatarr North by Northwest – ‘North’ (Mr Red)

North & Irene2

Belatarr North By Northwest - 6 week stack

Belatarr Notorious – ‘Harvey’ (Mr Blue)

Belatarr Notorious - 8 week portrait

Harvey with John & Alice at 8 weeks

Belatarr Notorious - 6 week stack

Belatarr Secret Agent – ‘Nevis’ (Mr Black)

Belatarr Secret Agent - 6 week stack

Nevis, Danni & Ben

Belatarr Vertigo – ‘Sabi‘ (Mr Bronze)

Belatarr Vertigo - 8 week portrait

Sabi with Vivien at 8 weeks

Belatarr Vertigo 6 week stack


Belatarr Jamaica Inn – ‘Alba’ (Miss Yellow)

Belatarr Jamaica Inn - 7 week portrait

Belatarr Jamaica Inn - 6 week stack

Alba with Stuart & Emily

Belatarr Marnie – ‘Mouse’ (Miss Purple)

Belatarr Marnie - 7 week portrait

Marnie Mouse with Sarah & Martyn

Belatarr Rebecca – ‘Luna’ (Miss Pink)

Belatarr Rebecca - 7 week portrait

Belatarr Rebecca - 6 weeks stack

Luna with Phil & Ben

Belatarr Thirtynine Steps – ‘Matilda’ (Miss Mint)

Belatarr Thirtynine Steps - 7 week portrait

Belatarr Thirtynine Steps - 6 week stack

Matilda & Marie

Belatarr To Catch a Thief – ‘Ethel’ (Miss Green)

Belatarr To Catch a Thief - 7 week portrait

Belatarr To Catch a Thief - 6 week stack

Ethel & Pam

Belatarr Topaz – ‘Amber’ (Miss Orange)

Belatarr Topaz - 8 week portrait

Amber& family

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Puppy Portraits: Week 6.

Last week’s drab and damp weather has given way to a wonderful week of Spring sunshine and the pups have been enjoying being outside every single day this week, where they have experienced tractors and low-flying aircraft and watched pigeons and numerous other birds (and cats) come and go about their Springtime routines.

The gang sunbathing in their outdoor run.

The gang sunbathing in their outdoor run.

Monday saw their first attempt at tackling raw chicken wings – an essential step towards the chewing and chomping or raw bones that will mark their adult lives.

Mr Bronze gets stuck into some serious chicken-wing chomping.

Mr Bronze gets stuck into some serious chicken-wing chomping.

The pups (and their now needle-sharp teeth) took to them with huge enthusiasm and quite a bit of curiosity, excited at the prospect, yet unskilled at how to tackle such a large prey item. Approx. 60 mins later they had figured out what to do and all meat had been stripped and consumed and all bones had been cracked and (mostly) swallowed. Time, then, for a long and satisfied snooze for all of the babies. By the end of the week, though, they had all grown considerably more savvy at tackling their new foodstuff, and today’s wings were dispatched within about 15 mins or so.

After many, many hours of watching, stacking and photographing these babies we can also now reveal their new, Kennel Club identities and formally introduce the Belatarr Hitchcock litter:


Mr Black - not his most dignified pose.

Mr Black – Belatarr Secret Agent.

Mr Blue.

Mr Blue – Belatarr Notorious.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Bronze – Belatarr Vertigo.

Mr Red.

Mr Red – Belatarr North By Northwest.


Miss Green.

Miss Green – Belatarr To Catch a Thief.

Miss Mint.

Miss Mint – Belatarr Thirtynine Steps.

Miss Orange.

Miss Orange – Belatarr Topaz

Miss Pink.

Miss Pink – Belatarr Rebecca.

Miss Purple.

Miss Purple – Belatarr Marnie.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Yellow – Belatarr Jamaica Inn.

It's tiring work being 6 weeks old.

It’s tiring work being 6 weeks old.

Brother and sister - Mr Blue & Miss Mint.

Brother and sister – Belatarr Notorious & Belatarr Thirtynine Steps

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Puppy Portraits – week 5.

After being spoiled by last weekend’s Spring sunshine and unseasonal warmth we’ve been plunged back into the more typical near-freezing wet and overcast English weather this week. We still wanted to take the pup portraits outdoors, but the poor mites were pretty chilly and less than impressed, and the resulting images certainly don’t have the sunny glow or depth/accuracy of colour that we captured last week. Still, the boys are girls are all coming on very nicely and have enjoyed a lovely week indoors near the fire whilst a succession of daily visitors arrive for those all important cuddles and snuggles socialization exercises. 🙂


Mr Black - looking cold :(

Mr Black – looking cold 😩

Mr Black - much happier!

Mr Black – much happier!

Mr Blue

Mr Blue

Mr Blue snuggles (much more colour accurate too)

Mr Blue snuggles (more colour accurate too)

Mr Bronze - variation on a theme.

Mr Bronze.

Mr Red.

Mr Red.


Miss Green

Miss Green

Miss Mint.

Miss Mint.

Miss Orange.

Miss Orange.

Miss Pink.

Miss Pink.

Miss Purple.

Miss Purple.

Miss Yellow.

Miss Yellow.




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