Ice is Nice.

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Walking on Water.

Walking on Water.

First journey around the land – we live on five acres of land which is planted up with around 1900 trees and shrubs. There’s also a river and a woodland. This was the first time our pond had frozen up – Adam took a chance and walked out into the middle. Phoenix decided it looked like fun and slip-walked her way out too, causing mild heart attacks all round. The words “hip dysplasia” and “astronomical vet bills” echoed in our heads as Phoenix effortlessly glided over the ice.  Luckily, she soon wandered onto land again.

Phoenix is more or less toilet trained now – apart from an occasional accident. It’s been the use of the crate that has regulated her bladder,we were unsure about the whole crate thing as it seemed like we were caging her up, but she has found it a place of safety and comfort, retreating whenever she needed to. A bit like a den in the wild.

This, along with clicking and treating at the right moment, in the right place, has worked really quickly and really well.

She seems to be a smart cookie this one…but then we would say that wouldn’t we?!

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Party Animal Gotta love those ears!

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