Shopping Hell.

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Emo Kids Didn't Stop the Tail Wags.

Emo Kids Didn't Stop the Tail Wags.

More trips to the common, for the first time we were recognised by a group of owners (and possibly the dogs too). One of the owners called out “Hellooooo Phoenix” much to Phoenix’s utter delight. Good playtime with different dogs today. She seems to be getting (a little more) respectful and calmer around her boy and gal-pals.

A trip to Barnstaple High Street proved to be wearing for all concerned. We think around 40 people came up to say “Hello”, and at least the same number sidled off, or around us, with looks of sheer horror on their faces.  Progress was slow and Phoenix was extremely excitable although far from overwhelmed despite the enormous number of people, cars and general bustle. Phoenix met her first emo-kids too and was unfazed by eyeliner, black clothes and downbeat facial expressions. There was a brief moment of embarrassment when she jumped up and chewed someone’s scarf, oh and a little girls long, flowing hair – which was “challenging”.

We also met a lovely lady who had just rescued an Irish Wolfhound from high rise hell in Liverpool. The poor dog was being looked after by three aggressive teenage boys and a sweary mum – luckily he was now in his new home and being described as “an angel” by his new human companion.

On a final note, we were impressed by Phoenix’s fantastic lead work on the common today, we suspect this will all evaporate at Monday’s Puppy Gurus class – teach will have a sceptical look on her face as we insist that Phoenix does sit, stand and walk to heel. We might have to video Phoenix just to prove we’re not pushy showbiz parents…

However, in a noisier environment all the lead work etc vanished, due to the over-stimulation from the throngs of people. Who knew emo-kids could be overstimulating?! It was her first time ever in that environment and she took to it with all paws flying.

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No Sir, She’s NOT a Ridgeback. Out for Tea.

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