A.D.D. hits Show Ring Horror.

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Ringcraft pre-stack positioning.

Ringcraft pre-stack positioning.

First proper ringcraft session for Phoenix under Judge Glenys Sykes of Daraquist English Setters. Phoenix was typically excited and indeed excitable in the midst of twenty-odd other dogs.  She was highly praised for her spirit (!),  although a little more control would certainly have made the evening less like a wrestling match and more like a dream walk in the ring…

still, everyone was extremely complimentary (at least to our faces) and hopefully Tim’s handling skills will slowly improve alongside Phoenix’s concentration.

Ringcraft examination (not Glenys!)

Ringcraft examination.

There were lots of really nice people at the session and we met some of the heavy hitters in the gundog show world .

Phoenix’s status as an only dog at home seem to mark her out as being notably more “animated” than any other puppies present, all of whom came from multi-dog households. Once again, all we can do is persist with her canine socialisation programme, and hope that we can get her as focused in the ring as she is at home.

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