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At Scorhill.

At Scorhill.

This w/end was the first trip to Dartmoor, to the “strange and eerie” Scorhill Stone Circle which Dartmoor folklore says animals often refuse to enter  because of  “bad vibes”. This didn’t stop Phoenix or the fifty or so horses that rode through on a point to point meet from frolicking in the middle.  The horses were a magnificent sight, and one rider shouted at us “I’ve got two of those” pointing at Phoenix as she cantered by. However on investigation, this turned out to be a false positive – she lives with two smooth haired Vizslas…

Phoenix and Proud Dad.

Phoenix and Proud Dad.

We had a picnic by the beautiful granite strewn West Teign River and despite all the exciting sights, smells and distractions, Phoenix used the small percentage of her genetic code that comes from bloodhound to track down an abandoned pair of socks in the midst of thousands of acres of pristine wilderness. It’s a gift!

Phoenix went back and forth across two ancient granite clapper bridges

Lino Terrorist in the Making.

Potential Lino Terrorist in the Making.

quite merrily and also got extremely muddy as she plunged into a typical example of a murky, peaty, gooey bog which Dartmoor excels at. Muddy paws rule.

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You Can’t Ignore the Snore. We’re Not Scared of Sinking Sand.

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