Richmond Championship Show.

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After falling off the rails at the Birmingham show last weekend Phoenix was back on track today at the Richmond Championship Show, where, under Australian judge Kay Eldred, she was awarded Best Puppy Bitch and then clocked up her second Champ show Best Puppy in Breed.

Conditions were pretty much ideal for showing: cool and cloudy, but bright and dry. There was also a particularly friendly and even jolly atmosphere ringside, fueled in part by the judge herself who was extremely chipper, despite (or maybe because?) the HWV’s were the last of the 9 separate breeds that she had presided over during the three days of the show.

Even more important than the result, though, was the fact that Phoenix showed with real enthusiasm and animation and although her movement was still a bit “ragged” she was certainly very excited to be in the ring. We’ve determined that it definitely pays to keep her engaged and involved in other interesting things for as long as possible before hitting the ring, and then scoot in as close as possible to show time so she’s fresh and super buzzy.

Sadly no pics this time…

The judges critique read:

1st Puppy Bitch & Best Puppy. Presented with good balance and correct size. Pleasing dry head and expression with harsh whiskers and good coat. Still young, so movement was a little awry, but should tighten to produce good reach and drive.”

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